Starting my day... LATE!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello!! I hope you are all having a good day! I allowed myself to sleep for a while today. I was tired even though I did fall asleep around 3am. So I came home from taking Jackson to school and drifted back off to sleep. It would have been nicer if I didn't have some crazy dreams but I do feel a little better. I think I would sleep my life away if I allowed myself. 

Thankfully today is a going to be pretty simple. I just have a few things to do around the house and get dinner ready. See.. not much going on at all. Brandon is home and he's being as quiet as a mouse. I can hear him playing a video game but I hardly ever notice him because hes such a quiet guy. I tell him all the time if he is going to fit in around here.. he's got to speak up more! 

Well I hope you have a great day! I'll be back soon. Time for a coffee refill! 


K Jaggers

1 comment on "Starting my day... LATE!"
  1. So nice getting to go back to sleep! I slept in way late today, too. Sometimes you just need it! :)



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