Friday, January 25, 2013

Helloooo lovely friends! I hope you had a good Thursday. I have to admit.. around here, with husby home all day.. it was rather a sleepy lazy kind of day. Shit.. Scott and I slept on and off until after 2pm. I liked it.. but I did have a little guilt about all the things that I should have been doing. But I did get a little more active as night approached.. which is THE WAY IT ALWAYS WORKS FOR ME.

Doesn't gabby look adorable sleeping in the picture above? Gosh.. that kitty cat means the world to me! 

I also got up and got dinner going.. Tonight I fixed a ...


Roasted chicken and veggies but for some reason that just didn't taste that good to me.. so guess what I had instead..


2 Packages of Ramen Noodles. I couldn't believe it. I was so hungry and I just brought my bowl 


right upstairs and enjoyed every bite.. with 2 glasses of milk. IDK what the hell was wrong with me but I guess I was just that hungry.. so now I am fat and sleepy! =)

So I see a lot of you checked out my new blog today. First off.. thanks to you guys who sent me emails about wanting to bitch right along with me! I seriously have some of the best blogging friends ever. No really.. I do. I don't know if I will be writing everyday.. But when something strikes me I am sure I will blog about it! As I said.. its my Alter Ego.. and I am not going to be very nice on that blog. If you haven't seen it yet.. its right here! But again.. its not for the faint hearted. Its the not so nice side of me! I didn't want to put my negative thoughts on this blog.. I already do some.. but I want this blog to be a uplifting place.. a place that makes you smile.. even if its just for a second. So the other blog is where I am going to cut loose! =)) Stalker girl has been on it a few times already but no guesses on the game I put up for her.. Spoil Sport. Who knows.. maybe she's concentrating on who could have said what!?

But I am tired tonight and I need some rest. So enough blogging for me.. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow.. OH SHIT.. tomorrow.. its suppose to be freezing ass cold here and who knows if Jackson is going to school.. going to be delayed or what.. Guess I will just have to figure it out in the am.

BTW.. he had a great time at the Winter Ball today! 

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers

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  1. hey there! new follower from the aloha friday blog hop.
    ah i am so jealous of you being able to sleep in to 2pm- i have been dragging all week, but hey at least it's friday yayyy!!! come visit when ya have time
    oh, and sometimes a girl just needs ramen noodles right?!


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