Sunday, January 27, 2013

Well I am feeling a bit better today but boy... my husband and son have been so noisy. I got up and yelled a few times but boy.. I was QUEEN GRUMP for a while this morning. I kept getting woke up.. then I would get up.. open the door.. SCREEEEAM...and go back to sleep. BUT.. I am thankful for all of husbys help.. He was cleaning out the frig.. broke the light bulb and got shocked. He said he went flying across the kitchen. HA! I bet that didn't feel too good.. but he got his finger all bandaged up.. Its a bad cut and he probably should have went to the hospital but he didn't. 

Instead he went bowling with the boys. They wanted to go do something and Scott can use his left hand or he will sit out and let them play. Its good because Jackson really wanted to get out. 

- Since I have been writing this post...I have received 6 phone calls.. Wow.. busy Sunday! - 

I did just talk to my grandmother. Its so hard knowing that she is not in good shape and far away. I wish I could see her more. =( 

Well its after 3pm.. I think I should go on get my ass dressed and get a few things done while I am feeling a little bit better. For some reason I always feel better during the day and at night, I feel terrible. WTF? 

I am also going to get answering comments and emails in just a little bit. Sorry for being behind.. I read every one of them and love hearing from each and everyone of you! 

Have a great Sunday! 

K Jaggers
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