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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hope you are having a great day! Its been a really lazy one around here. I slept pretty good and woke up feeling a little better. I wasn't in a hurry to do anything. Then the one of our friends show up and hang out for a while. Next up was cuddle time with Jackson and since then nothing has happened. Pretty easy Saturday! I am really needing to get motivated and try to clean up the house some before husby gets home. My chest is hurting today from being sick. Again..I don't have the typical flu. I probably got some strange strain that will last forever. which would be just my luck. Thankfully during the day I feel a little better but once night comes, I start feeling awful again. Why is that? IDK..

I am trying to get some reviews finished that should be up over the next couple of days.  I just started using a product that I AM LOVING and I can't wait to show you what it is!!! =))  I actually have a ton of products coming up for review. It takes a while to try things out and God knows I really went crazy with beauty products in January!!! But stay tuned for some great reviews.. And I have a huge free sample video coming up too for December and January.. lots of goodies! And last but not least.. I am participating in a huge giveaway for this

Kindle Fire

And that will start on the 30th!!! It will last till February 6th.. Super exciting!

I'll be back a little later!


K Jaggers
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