Running Late - Kind of Morning =/

Monday, January 28, 2013


OMG.. I was totally running late this morning. Scott came in around 7am and told me he was leaving. He told me he wasn't feeling good .. gave me a kiss and back to sleep I went. I thought I had at least another 20 minutes to sleep. Well at 8am, Jackson walks into my bedroom and said.. 

" Mom, do you plan on getting up and taking me to school today? " 

I jumped out of the bed at rapid speed when I realized how late I was. 

I jumped in the car and sped off to the school only to realize I forgot to give Jackson lunch money. SHIT! I think he will be ok today.. otherwise I would just have came home... got it.. and took it back to school. 

Wow.. I need to get my shit together and start going to bed at a better time. I hate mornings like this. If Jackson would not have got me up.. I would have slept right on through because apparently I hit snooze so many times. I have no idea.. I just know I hate waking up late. It was days like this when I would totally skip school. I hate waking up late and trying to start my day like nothing happened at all. It just messes me all up. 

I am not going to lie. Since my butt went to sleep sooooooo late.. I think I am going to doze back off for a while. I know it won't help with me getting to bed tonight but it isn't going to help if I am a zombie today either. I just wish husby was home today being he isn't feeling good. I feel sorry he's having to work when sick. Who likes to do that? 

I still need to go to the market today. Which also means I will hopefully get a food haul up later today too! I have a bunch of end of the month videos coming up soon! I will be super happy to get the free samples post done so I can start using some of the great samples! So lots coming up..

Guess I am going to try to set my alarm again.. this should be fun! 

Have a great Monday! 

K Jaggers
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