Rainy Morning = BACK TO BED!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Its a wet morning around here today. The sun is not out.. the house is really dark.. and I am back in bed. YEA!! I got my son off to school... thankfully today he is well dressed !!! Gosh I didn't think I had to worry about a boy switching out his clothes when no one is looking.. I thought that would be more of a Brittany issue but Jackson proved me wrong with that! 

I feel really lucky and blessed today. Everyone in my house is out either at school or at work today. I am thankful that I am home on a cold rainy day and I feel even more blessed because there is a really good chance that I am going back to sleep for a few hours. I just don't see the point in staying up on a day like this. Yea.. not happening! I also went to bed a lot later than I should have so I am feeling pretty sleepy right now. I don't really expect to do much today. I need to clean up around the house a little and maybe a quick run to the grocery store but that might or might not happen. It sure won't happen if its pouring down like it is now. 

The Fill in the Blanks Friday post is up..Hop over to this blog post ... get the questions, do your blog post and come back and link up! And don't forget to get your weekly goals posted this weekend sometime and come back Saturday late night or Sunday and link that post up too! =) Both my mom and I are really enjoying reading your answers! Soooo much fun! 

Well I have a few other posts to get ready before I doze off! 

I hope you have a great Friday! 


K Jaggers
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