Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Saturday friends! I hope you enjoying your weekend.. For me today is a day of pain. I seemed to have pinched a muscle in my neck and it hurts like hell. Thankfully my 10 year old son is here to help today. He got me all set up on the couch with everything at my fingertips. Soooo sweet! I don't see any problems with blogging because my fingers don't hurt! Scott was a little worried that it was meningitis but I don't have a fever or headache so I think we can rule that out. I think I am going to call the Dr and see if they will call me something in. That's better than heading to the ER. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. its freakin 74 degrees outside and I am stuck on the couch.. Its the first pretty day in a long time and this is not the way I expected it to be. 

Actually my husband just called and said he is on his way home to take me to the hospital.. Yikes. God knows that is really not the way I want to spend my day.  But maybe it will make me feel better. IDK.  I probably would have already been to the hospital if I could drive myself. My girlfriend just told me that I should go get a pretizone shot.. and when I asked where it goes... and she said.. 

" Kisha, put your big girl pantys on and go get the shot. You had babies.. you can handle it. " 

Toooooo funny!!!! 

So I guess I am going to wait for my husband to come home and we are taking off. I will talk to you guys when I get back. 


K Jaggers
9 comments on "Pinched..."
  1. I hope everything is ok. I hate it when I am in pain but I just put on my big girl panties and go on with the day regardless.

  2. Hope you get it all figured out. :(


  3. You poor dear. I am so sorry you are in so much pain. That is horrible and of course it would be a lovely day to boot. It is nice when our kids bless us by helping out when we don't feel well. I'm glad your son helped you out. My son is really good about that too. I am dropping by and a new follower from Our Everyday Harvest's blog hop. I looked at some of the makeup postings too. You have a real talent for make up. I hope you can drop by and say hello too.

  4. Ouch! Hope you are on the mend soon, glad you have such an angel son:)
    The Real McCoy(s)

  5. @ Trina.. that's too funny.. I tried to go on with the day but I streaking pains anytime I moved. =( Thanks to you and your brother I am feeling better. Thank you.. Love you bunches!

    @ Meredith.. Thanks so much. Its just a strained neck and hopefully it will feel better tomorrow.

    @ Kelly.. Thank you for your kind words. Its amazing how little ones step up when they have to! I couldn't ask for better children. And about the make up.. thank you again.. its a huge passion of mine.. Following you back now!

  6. @ Melissa.. thanks so much! Trying to feel better.. and yes Jackson is a sweetheart and I am not sure what I would have done today without him!

  7. 1) I'm so sorry that you're in pain! Feel better soon!

    2) I store my butter in the container it comes in.

    3) OH MY GOSH your eyes are blue. I mean, you are aware of that. But I was not and geez, lady! :)

  8. Oh my!!! I hope that you are feeling better! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the follow. I am loving your blog as well so I will be a new follower!

  9. @ Gayle.. 1. Thanks you! 2. Thanks again for entering the giveaway! 3. And yes I am aware of my eye color!! Hahaha! Same as my fathers! I don't see as much as other people though!

    @ Liz..Thanks so much. Starting to feel better... thank goodness! Can't wait to get to know you better in 2013! Happy New Year!


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