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Monday, January 14, 2013

I am amazed at how sweet of a man I am married to. I seriously could not ask for a better husband to walk through this life with. When we were faced with that horrible person last night.. my husband held his head high and handled himself with grace and kindness. I on the other hand, I am not the nice one in this marriage. Insult and lie about my family and I get beyond vicious. I say the things you don't want to hear. I am not a candy factory and I don't sugar coat anything. But the grace and kindness Scott showed was so loving and endearing. I am happy baby that you got the apology you deserved. I am sorry that this person hurt your feelings but you handled it like a gentleman. I handled it like a wife/mother. Screw with my family and you will see a side of me that you never want to see again. Hopefully he got the point from the email and we can move on. I am sorry you had to encounter such disloyalty but one thing is for sure.. I am loyal to you. Now and Always. Until forever ends, I will love you.

Love, K

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  1. You handled it the way a wife/mother should have handled it. Me I would have gotten in my car but that is another story...lol. Besides Scott can cut someone down in a heartbeat and not blink an eye when he does it.


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