Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let me tell  you.. I screwed up today!! I thought Jackson was suppose to head back to school on the 7th.. and guess what? School is back today!!!!! And my son is not there. Scott called this afternoon after seeing school buses and let me know that Jackson's school is open today. Well, he was up super late last night.. his backpack still has his clothes and stuff in it from his trip with his dad.. so I am not just rushing him in. Instead, I am going to get everything prepared tonight .. put his butt to bed early and then take him to school tomorrow. YIKES! 

Besides that interesting piece of drama, I am having a great day so far. Jackson and I both slept in.. ( told you he was up late ). The house is pretty clean.. laundry is caught up.. and I might go do some shopping today. I do want those other 2 Physicians Formula products and I need a couple other things. But I might just stay in for a while.. the house is warm and cozy! 

Listen you guys.. if you get a comment from " Kisha " it's clearly not me. Its Angie Harshey who has been stalking me for many years. I have created a private blog about her which I have everything detailed.. even with videos.. - Had to make a private youtube account too - its really for my lawyer and police but if you are getting comments from her and want to read all about what's going on.. just email me and I will be happy to send you the link. The blog really isn't private.. its open to everyone but I don't want her getting to it. So no matter what.. if you get the link from me.. please please keep it quiet. This bitch is twisted. She is jealous of everything I have.. my mom..my kids.. and she just keeps going like the energizer bunny!  I have put some calls into her husband ( my ex's ) family and hoping to get him on the phone. I think he would kill her if he knew what she is doing and I hope that maybe he can help make it stop. If he doesn't..I will put him right back on all the papers and file charges on him too. This is so silly at this point. She has so much hate for me which is clearly eating her alive. Who would have thought that little ol me, would have such an impact on someone! You guys are so great.. and I hate that she is screwing with you too. Again, you can inbox me and I will be happy to explain it all. 

Well.. I have to get motivated to do something.. maybe I will clean up and make the Avon video! 

Hope you have a great day! I'll be back soon!


K Jaggers

2 comments on "Opps! "
  1. Trying to remember a school day from a non-school day is so crazy. No harm, no foul though... the first day is just getting back in the swing of things. Hope the rest of your week gets back on track. :-)

  2. @ Stephanie.. Thankfully tonight he didn't come home with any homework because of starting back late in the week! I don't think he really missed much the first day back.. but I did feel like a dumb ass! =)


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