New Years Day = FAMILY Day + Video!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Well the kids and my ex husband made it back today! Brittany goes straight into the kitchen..As always! I love that every child in our home.. in our life.. feels comfortable and just makes themselves home every time they walk through the door. 

We all sat around and enjoyed some French toast casserole.. 

I know it might not be the prettiest dish but it sure was tasty! 

Once they got in and settled.. the guns came out. Please don't blow my email up about a child shooting a gun. I don't really agree.. but all the men in my life.. and my kids out vote me. And they are hunters.. so they all had great time shooting guns! 

Jackson is actually a pretty good shot. 

That is Jackson's dad.. Jackson and my husband Scott. 

Its so nice that we can all get along! 

And then Brandon came out! 

Cooper had to stay inside.. we didn't want to shoot him! =)

Brittany was inside too.. 


made an appearance! 

Here is a quick video.. 

Mr. Gebby & Mr. Gebby

Jackson checking out the ball to see if he actually hit it.. 

And he did.. 

Inside little Brittany got on the computer.. 

Pretty normal stuff for her!

It wasn't long before Jackson joined her.. 

And then me.. and as you can see.. its a lazy day around here.. and I look awful! 

Romeo is about as big as Brittany! 

And here is their father.. 

Going to have that picture blown up for Jackson's room.. 

After a few hours it was time for goodbyes...=(

And away Art and Brittany went! 

Little Jackson had some tears.. 

And husby helped to dry them up.

I had tears too watching Brittany leave but I am pretty sure it won't be long before she moves in too! 

And now.. both boys are off to do some belated Christmas shopping. Jackson got about $300 in cash for Christmas from family members. I thought it would be good to get Jackson out to cheer him up some. I am staying home because I wanted to let them have some time together before Scott goes back to work tomorrow. 

I don't think we have any plans tonight except sitting back and watching a movie. I might cook but hoping I get out of it!!! =) 

I have another CVS haul coming up in just a few minutes so stay tuned! 

K Jaggers
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  1. Following back! Thank you for dropping in the other day! Happy New Year!!!

  2. @ Danavee.. Your welcome! Happy New Year to you too! I can't wait to get to know you better in 2013!


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