My Day.. { In Pictures }

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great night. Things are pretty quiet tonight. Everyone sleeping like babies around here except me! Ok.. I know thats kinda a goofy picture of me.. take by my son but I wanted to show you what the Physicians Formula BB Cream, BB Concealer, and BB Powder looked like after about 6 hours. I didn't wear a lot of makeup today..And I think from looking at this picture, the products have held up well today. Its not a full coverage foundation but covers a lot and when you layer all 3 products get a very nice look. I will do a few review.. but I just thought I would share! 

Today seemed rather a technical day for the most part..

I returned phone calls, sent out emails.. worked on desgining a Glamorous French Housewife Android/Apple App!! Its not done yet.. but I am getting there...which is pretty exciting! 

Also today I photographed all that make up..

This is just the Avon Samples.. 

I have a bunch of products too that I am excited to share with you. 

I also photographed all the other make up I recently purchased.. 

Aren't these Physician Formula Sexy Booster Products Adorable!? 

OMG.. I loooove it! Tooo freaking cute! 

I also got busy with laundry today.. and I am testing out 

Super Wash Balls By Bio Cera..

You don't use any laundry soap.. Just the 2 big plastic balls

and they are...

My mom got these for me from QVC.. the reviews are so good.. and I have my own review coming up soon.. Stay tuned.. this is one you don't want to miss! 

Later in the afternoon I got busy cleaning out the frig.. 

which was pretty nasty from Christmas. It looks and smells so much better now.. and I feel better too. 

For dinner tonight.. we had baked tacos.. 

Its a pretty simple dish to make..

And if you want to see the recipe you can click right here!! But tonight I didn't add any bean. I just didn't have any so I didn't worry about it.. 

And dinner was tasty.. really tasty.. 

We all loved it. I don't really tacos that much but these were super good! 

It wasn't long after dinner.. husby went to bed.. and this is where I went.. 

Does that not look amazing.. That's where I find peace. 

Afterwards, I came down to the kitchen and baked a couple boxes of 

Super quick and check it out.. 

Its like a chocolate lava cake! It took 3 minutes to bake and 

I served it up with..

strawberry ice cream. That what's I brought to bed with me! 

The alarm clock is going to go off tomorrow morning.. 


I screwed up and missed the first day of school yesterday ( Wed ) and we for sure can't do that again. I totally felt like a dumb ass but as many people mentioned yesterday... he's probably not the only one who missed school. I am not going to like getting up and doing all the homework that is going to be coming but we do it all! I am seriously repeating the 4th grade! 

Blogging notes.. I hate to have to mention this but I wanted to be clear about something. If you and your blog are being harassed by Angie Harshey ( my stalker ) you are more than welcome to share your information that I will place on the blog I created in regards to her and can join me in getting her prosecuted. I am sorry for her antics but I totally appreciate all your kind words and deleting the comments. You guys are the best blogging friends one could ever ask for! Remember if the comment is not Kisha Jaggers then its not me. She's desperate and evil. Envy is eating her from the inside out. Please disregard her lies and feel free to contact me anytime. 

On to more exciting news... I am co hosting a big giveaway soon.. and I also have a lot more videos coming up. I want to get December favorites filmed tomorrow and I will be working on many reviews and the big Avon haul with a giveaway.. so your going to be seeing lots of me.. Also I am linking up with a daily vlog of what its my day is like.. so I am videoing my way through the day and will be sharing it in 4 days.. which should be a lot of fun! And I will be picking up those other two Physicians Formula products I want tomorrow or Friday too. I just can't help it! In a week or so, I am going to be posting a lot of pictures, swatches and initial thoughts on some products. Its going to be a new way of reviewing products for myself.. and later I will do a follow up if my thoughts change. 

Well... got to sleep.. and hoping that along with making videos tomorrow.. that I can get the house cleaned up a little more. 

Have a great Thursday! 

K Jaggers
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  1. Have just looked at your blog, its absolutely gorgeous!

    Am following you back and cant wait to read more!

    Jay xo

    1. Thank you so much! I follow you too! Have a great night!

  2. Hi Kisha! Thanks so much for following my blog Make Me Up Mandy. I'm following you now too and I love the layout of your blog Will definitely hang around here often xx

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment. Sorry I am replying so late.. but I happened to get on this post again and saw the comments! I am following you back! (:

  3. The tacos and the desert both look yummy!


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