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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Helloooo! I hope you all had a great New Year!! I can't believe how time is flying anymore. Brittany got back home with her dad safe and sound. Thank you God. 

Shes so pretty... but I know that means trouble in the future! 

Today was great.. We were all together Scott, Myself, My ex husband, and our kids. He hung out over here for about 2 hours.. had brunch.. shot guns with Jackson

I don't really feel that good about him shooting guns with the big boys. But Jackson comes from a big hunting family and I just am simply outvoted. But its responsible... and I get excited for him when he hits the target. Its really only something he does with his dad.. and sometimes with Scott. When shooting practice is over.. the guns get locked up. They had a great time at it. 

. We all just hung out together and had a nice time. My ex husband felt comfortable, was respectful and kind. Scott and him get along pretty good too. Its funny. I overheard a conversation with Jackson and his dad. 

They were in the dining room.. 

Art - Look dude, there's a cat on the table. 

Jackson - Yea, we don't eat in here much. 

Art - I can't believe its on the table sleeping

Jackson - The cats are every where.. Isn't it Awesome!!

That seriously made me laugh inside and out. The cats are like Magical Creatures around here! The kids just can't keep their hands off of them. 

Romeo is still the star of the show.. for sure! All the kids say its their cat.. and all of them have it wrong!!

Its Mom's Cat!! 

Once Brittany and Art took off.. Scott took Jackson shopping. He wanted to spend some of his Christmas money..and it was a good way to get him to feel better. He gets pretty sad whenever anyone he likes leaves. He cried over my sister leaving.. and he really cried over Brittany and his dad leaving. Its heartbreaking. But shopping made him feel better. He got lots of stuff including a new mp3 player and also this really cool basket ball hoop for his room. 

The rest of our New Year night was spent on the couch watching a movie. I retired to a hot bath and that was it for me. I didn't cook tonight. There was plenty to pick from and I just felt like they could all help themselves. In the next few days I seriously have to clean out the frig. Some of my best pots and are being used and I need them! 

I am so confused on the days. I hope I can actually convince my mind that tomorrow is Wednesday and not Saturday. I don't plan on doing a lot tomorrow. I have a lot of products to photograph so I can start to use them. I also want to get the Avon video up. I know I have been getting a lot of new products lately.. but I didn't buy a lot in December and there are so many 2013 products hitting the shelves that I can't help myself! I will get reviews up in time on everything. Its going to take me a while to test out so many new things! 

Well.. time to get some rest!

Hope you have a great Wednesday! 

K Jaggers
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