Monday = No School = CUDDLE!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Helllooooo friends! I hope you have been having a great Monday. I think most of the kids are out of school today for MLK Jr Day.. and Jackson is no different. He has been home all day and will also be home tomorrow too! So today I woke up about 1130 and for the past 2 1/2 hour we have been laying in bed watching 

The Inauguration of Barack Obama. It's actually been really nice because Jackson has had a ton of questions and he was able to lay back with me.. watch history.. and learn something about the country we live in. I think I might have to put together a post about all my 10 year old sons political questions. Some of them are pretty damn good questions. I think its great that he has a ton of questions. And I loved cuddling with him. He is such a sweet little boy. He poured me coffee this morning.. dumped half the bag of sugar in the cup.. spilled it all the way up the stairs and made a sticky mess out of my night stand but the coffee was actually good and I loved at how thoughtful he was being. 

Anyway.. as I said.. we have no big plans today. I think we are just going to stay home the rest of the day/evening. I need to pick up the house a little bit but we are taking it easy. I just wish my husband was here too! It won't be too much longer! 

I hope you are having a great Monday! 

I'll be back in a bit! 


K Jaggers

2 comments on "Monday = No School = CUDDLE! "
  1. What a sweet way to watch such a special day! I'm sure he will remember that for a long time!

  2. @ Melissa.. it was really sweet. He asked a ton of questions and now wants to go visit Washington.. so I think it had a impact!


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