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Thursday, January 3, 2013

I got so mad last night because Jackson was on xbox upstairs most of the day.. and my internet worked fine. Brandon came home and got on his xbox.. Jackson and I were thrown off xbox and I started having internet problems...Well I called the internet people..Brandon has his hooked up directly to the router causing some issues..Box xboxes running at the same time is causing some issues.. So at dinner last night, I reminded both boys.. our stuff is not your stuff. And the ones paying for the internet should be able to use it. I am moving the router upstairs to my room so I can at least get it. I think its kinda felt and unsaid that Jackson, Brittany, Brandon and Zane think they are just " entitled " to internet because Scott and I pay for it. 

NOOOOOOOO.... again our stuff is not their stuff. 

I don't mind sharing but I shouldn't have to deal with no internet when I am the adult paying the bill! When I mentioned to Brandon that one day he will be paying for it and if he couldn't use it because other people are draining it..he would be upset .. and he said, " I would just make sure that I had better internet service. "

WHAT!? I am one tier below the best service plan. I pay over $40 a month in just internet.. and that doesn't include all the channels on the tv we provide too. I think all the kids anymore take for granted internet services that they do not pay for. And believe me.. Jackson is the same and so are both the other little kids. In fact, if it were Jackson that had said that to me.. I probably would have flipped out a lot worse. 

Well I got news for them all.... the internet in this house belongs to Scott and I.. We SHARE it..because we love them and what them to be happy but it is not theirs. When they start chipping in on the bill then that's different but until that day comes.. they better start to understand Scott and I are not going to be without internet because they want to play xbox and be on the computer at the same time.. You might be wondering how they do that??? well let me tell you how.. They get online..stay online.. get bored.. leave the computer up and running and then hop right on the xbox.  Which sucks the " internet juice " making it hard for Scott and I to get on.. and we do get on.. it takes forever for a page to load. Maybe it should be like a coffee shop around here and only have internet service at certain times. IDK.. but its pissing me off!!!! 

I can tell you that today..right now.. I have more respect for my grandfather who use to tell me pretty much the same thing about his stuff. I thought I was entitled to do a lot of the same kind of stuff and he put me in check really fast. It didn't really hit home until the kids started having issues in the same way. They want what we have now without working to get it. Letting my kids think everything is a handout is a lesson I want them to fully learn. Because they don't deserve to have the best when they have do 0 effort to earn it.. to pay for it.. and to just use it without any regard to how they are getting it. The bills come in like clockwork but they all probably think the money fairy pays for it but its my husband and I. Simple as that. 

I am not really mad now or anything.. but entitlement is a problem around here with all the kids. My husbands solution is was for me to get a wireless card for him and I .. and turn off the house internet for a month. He thought that would get the point across pretty fast. I don't really want to take that drastic .. YET.. but all the Jaggers family kids need to get the message pretty fast. 

Our stuff is not yours!! 

 Each of them need to have consideration for what they are using.. the other people in the house..because if they don't they are going to loose it fast! Ohhh.. and all the smart phones get logged in too.. and there are 4 of those and they just automatically sign in.. see.. its just too much! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

 I don't have a total solution to this problem yet. Nope.. I wish we could all get strong signals for everything but we are over loading the system with our gadgets, computers and gaming consoles. I might just move it upstairs because that would ensure that I get the service.. I might have Brandon go wireless and stop connecting to the router.. and I might limit internet time.. you know.. and maybe change the password or something. If you have a suggestion.. feel free to share it. I could upgrade AGAIN and ask them to chip in on it.. but if they don't.. guess who is still responsible for paying for it!? You know it.. 

Right now its just me.. and the internet is working great so I better start working on uploading some of my videos! =) 


Have a great day! 

K Jaggers
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  1. It is interesting to read about the problems with older kids. I see what I am in for in a decade. Have a great day!

  2. @ Melissa.. Ha! You just wait!!! =)


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