Mommy & Me Night

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Well tonight turned out to be Jackson's night. Once he got home from school he took a little time to relax.. then it was right into homework for an hour or so. I was busy working around the house.. finishing dinner.. working on laundry.. and getting things ready for tomorrow. But somewhere during that time I managed to sneak into a early hot bath and enjoyed every minute. 

Scott got home and was a total G-R-U-M-P and I just wasn't in that great of a mood myself. So I took Jackson with me to the bedroom.. sent Scott to the spare bedroom and we enjoyed sometime to ourselves! 
We had such a great time just laying around doing nothing.. I think we must have giggled a 1000 times. Jackson is such a loving happy little boy. Hes so much fun!

We started missing Brittany and got her right up on the computer.. THANK YOU SKYPE!!!

Jackson hauled every kitty to the camera for his sister. She on the other hand is a brat! But a cute one! We must have stayed on the computer with her for close to an hour. Its better than nothing .. and summer isn't coming fast enough!  Its such a blessing having kids that make me so proud and oddly enough even with one 300 miles away.. We had Mommy & Me Night! =)

Speaking of kittys.. Jackson had a great time snapping some pictures of Gypsy and I. 
She is starting to become such a sweet heart. She has been the most distant kitten I have ever had so I am really happy she is starting to warm up to us! 

It was a pretty good day around here. I was a little grumpy myself but I managed to run a couple of errands, mop the kitchen floor, finish up laundry ( even though its sitting downstairs waiting on me to put it up. ) I also got dinner cooked too... well the crockpot got dinner cooked. 

I know this is kinda a change in plans but I am thinking of skipping the meatloaf tomorrow and adding it to the end of the menu instead. I have a ton of food in the frig and I really don't have much more room. So I am thinking I will make them eat leftovers tomorrow and the add the meatloaf on Sunday. I hope that doesn't mess any of you guys up! But I am seriously running out of room! 

Tomorrow I am pretty happy that I am getting the house back to myself. Scott was going to take tomorrow off but he changed it to Thursday so I plan on staying home doing my own thing tomorrow.. and hopefully I can finally get the Avon video made! 

Well.. I am tired. The rooster is going to be crowing before long so I better get some sleep! 

Have a great Wednesday! 


K Jaggers
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