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Tuesday, January 8, 2013
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 Good Morning! I am trying to get things back to normal around here since the holidays are over.. So I am linking up with Heather from Cookies for Breakfast for this fun mommy link up! 

So I confess.. I seriously about died laughing when I noticed my wall being used for target practice. 

The wall above my little desk/makeup looks normal right? 

Well..its not. 

Hole 1

Can you see all the holes in the wall? 

Here's another  hole too. 

So when I confronted my 10 year little boy about what I found it was, 

It wasn’t me mom.
I kept showing Jackson the hole and he runs out of the room and comes back with a bb of his own and played CSI Jackson. 

" Mom, see my BB is too small to make those sized holes "

" I wasn't shooting my BB gun in the house.. I promise "

" Maybe you put the holes in the wall. "

" Maybe Zane or Brandon did it? "

" Why am I getting all the blame? "

" Who said I did it? No one saw me. "

" Are you taking my gun away? "

" Maybe it was an accident??"

" I wasn't shooting the cats mom."

" I am not the only one who has a gun in the house."

" Maybe it was me.. maybe "

The excuses just kept flying it. No sooner one excuse came out of his mouth.. another one was on its way. Seriously.. excuses excuses.. Sorry little Jackson, your mommy believes it was YOU who used a bedroom wall for target practice!! First off.. I didn't put the BB holes in the wall. Nope.. Zane could have done it but I would have noticed in the summer if the walls were being shot at.. Don't think Zane in New Orleans did it and Brandon knows better. You are getting the blame because shooting the walls is a totally 10 year old action. =) We don't have to see you doing it to know it was you. Remember I told you I see everything! Right now.. I am not taking your gun away but shoot it in the house again and guess what? ITS GONE! And I do believe you when you say you didn't shoot the cats.. because the cats can not be in the middle of the wall... HOWEVER, let me find out different and you will not only loose your gun but you will also get in serious trouble buster. Remember.. be kind to all animals!!! You are not the only one with a gun in the house but you are the only one with a BB in the house. 

So CSI mom has figured out who the shooter was.. 


I confess that I am a pretty easy going non conventional mom. I don't get upset about the little things because after all.. its just a wall and this is totally a little boy thing. One time is funny.. and maybe even cute.. but the second time won' t be so laughable.. So shoot BB guns outside only please! Otherwise... you are going to get your gun taken away.. you are going to get grounded.. and its just not going to be fun! 

I have to confess.. this was better than finding the bugs in his pockets while doing laundry last summer! 

This live little guy had to been very happy when I found him before putting him in a tub of hot soapy water! But there were many other little worms and bugs who did not get so lucky.. and now I CHECK POCKETS ALL THE TIME! 

Happy Tuesday! 


K Jaggers
6 comments on "Mommy Confessions - Indoor Target Practice? - "
  1. Swinging by from the link-up... Bugs in pockets?!? Oh my, gives me a whole lot to look forward to as my little guy continues to grow, haha. It's probably a good thing that pocket-checking has become habitual for you! ;) Have a lovely week!

  2. @ Amber.. you are in for surprises.. I can promise you that! I hate checking pockets but I have to do it now because you NEVER KNOW!! I am following you back!

  3. Hahahahaha oh this is hilarious! Between the BBs and the bugs in the pockets - oy - boy-mom-a-rama! This is probably a sign of things to come in my future! ;-)

    Thank you for linking up with us!

  4. @ mom.. its funny alright.. it better not happen again!
    @ Heather.. I am just learning as I go.. because no baby or kid book has really taught me how to deal with all the little boy stuff! I just keep trying to figure it out as I go.. that's all any of us can do! I bet you are in for a world of surprises too! =)

  5. Oh my gracious! Can I tell you how grateful I am sometimes that I have girls? I don't think I have it in me, honestly. Haha! I'll probably be singing a different tune though when she's on her period and screaming at me that she hates me. :)
    Thanks for linking up with Heather and me!
    Megan @


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