Method - Sea Minerals - Dish Soap Review

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recently, I was in my store getting items we needed when I spotted this 

Method Dish Soap in a cool looking pump ..It's a bit pricey when compared, ounces to price, to other brand names but the pump alone is nice. But that's not all. 

I am not going to drag this on.. This soap is amazing. The pump is great, and it dispenses just enough soap for a sponge.

 For me I wash dishes a different way than my grandmother , mother in law and mom.. I run just enough water to wet a single dish, add a single drop of soap to my wet sponge and scrub the dish using just the water that clings to the dish and sponge. Then I run just enough water to rinse the dish. I add another drop to the sponge whenever the sudsing power starts running out. This soap works great this way... and I've think it's a better method of washing dishes ( opposed to dunking dishes in a full sink of water. ) since you're not putting dishes into water that's already greasy and dirty. And I'm using less water and less soap than before. You just have to be careful not to leave the water running or you'll waste a lot...which I do often. But this soap works great. 

The scent of this one

is soooooo nice! I love it!! I seriously will continue to buy this for the smell alone. 

 I have noticed that when you press the pump like you would press other pumps, it squirts straight out and sometimes misses the sink entirely. However, I quickly learned to press the pump slowly and gently so it dribbles out onto my sponge instead of shooting onto my shirt. A minor annoyance at first but.. not a big deal. 

It's environmentally friendly and cruelty-free, which I consider essential.

Unlike other environment- and animal-friendly products, it's widely available at mainstream stores. 

The soap really works good. It feels/looks a bit thinner than other name brands, but it is concentrated & does a great job on grease etc. The instructions suggest using it on a sponge to make it last.

I plan on keeping the bottles and re using the pumps. And they do make a lot of refills but I didn't see any at my store. The bottle is sleek and sexy.. it looks great sitting out on the counter! I am pretty sure it wouldn't take much to get the writing off.. think about it.. You could use these handy bottles for shampoo, conditioner, hand cream.. I love it. The possibilities are endless.  

I don't think it will last long because the bottle is already 1/4+ down in just 2 days since purchased, but this could be due doing a bit more washing by hand since I love the smell. Even if I have to buy one of these a week.. that's ok too. I can't really describe the smell except to say.. it smells clean.. and fresh. Its smells amazing. I can not say enough about the smell. You will just have to try it for yourself.  Its wonderful! 

Also I can promise you that I keep my eyes open for more method products! I love this.. Have you tried it?? Or any Method Products?? Let me know your thoughts! =) 

Happy Weekend! 

K Jaggers

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