Lazy Start to the Day..

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Afternoon friends. Its 1 pm and feels like 10am around here. Jackson got up about 1130 and I got up about 1230 but it still feels very much like morning around here. I decided that I would just sleep in.. and let my body soak up all the rest it needed. And boy did it! I am still pretty groggy and just being lazy around the house. Jackson has been working a puzzle since she has been up but now he has took a break with that and went to play xbox online with his father. Ha! Our Saturday! 

Later this evening I am heading out with my husband for date night. Super excited about that.. We are not hitting the clubs or anything.. we are old!!! So its dinner and a movie and maybe a little shopping. Nothing too special but its going to be nice to get away for a few hours with just my husband. I am making the boys manwich and tator tots before we leave so their dinner is ready. Lets just hope Brandon and Jackson doesn't kill each other! 

Well I have some posts to work while I am sitting here being lazy! 

Happy Saturday! 


K Jaggers

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  1. omg, lazy days are the best :D I'm jealous of your sleeping-in abilities!


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