Late Rambles..

Monday, January 21, 2013

Well husby and I had a great time out tonight. It was nice..just being the two of us. We took Austin home on the way and didn't have as much time as I wanted for dinner.. so we stopped in at..

It was quiet.. 

 and our food came fast! 

I got a delicious steak burger on rye with a mix of regular and sweet potato fries.. 

And Scott had 

Carolina Dog. 

Dinner was actually really simple and really good. 

And I had a little time to doodle! =)

Away to the movies we went. 

We were both surprised at how dead the theater actually was.

While waiting husby had fun getting me 

an adorable stuffed kitty cat! 


The perfect claw gift for me! 

We loaded up on...


drinks and popcorn.. why not!? 

And into the theater we went. 

We were all alone for the first 25 minutes and then 1 other couple came in. I kept telling Scott everyone was home watching Downton Abbey! 

I kept taking pictures.. shit we were alone.. 

Husby was laughing his ass off  in this picture.. 

Finally the movie started.. 

 We watched Zero Dark Thirty.. and I will have a review up tomorrow sometime but I didn't realize how big of a part this was for...

Jessica Chastain. And she was wonderful. However somehow Scott and I keep getting sucked into long movies. This movie was 2 hrs and 40 minutes long. WOW..We were dying to get out of there and come home. 

We were happy to come in and find the boys both healthy and happy. We called a ton of times to check on them.. but we still worry. I came in.. kissed a little boy a bazillion times and got in the bath. I was ready for my makeup to come off. And I didn't like the way it looked in the pictures anyway. So my bath was shorter than normal because it was so late. I then went downstairs.. hand washed a sink of dishes.. made the coffee and tossed laundry around.. And fed all the kitty cats. 

Thankfully Jackson is out of school until Wednesday. I put the xbox back out of my room just a few minutes ago and I am hoping being its 230am now.. that he lets me sleep in tomorrow. =)) I love that idea.. and I love that idea on Tuesday too! Scott came home and went right to bed so he has been sleeping for a while already. He will be up first so its probably a good thing that he went to bed first. And believe me.. I am happy that I am not waking up to a dirty kitchen. I just think that's awful..but who knows.. by time I get up.. Jackson might have his own mess going on! 

Going out tonight with the love of my life and then coming home to the sweetest little boy makes my life so blessed and happy. I wish Brittany was here but she's always with us in spirit. And summer is coming fast! I don't have any big plans tomorrow. Just hanging out at home.. working around the house and I also want to try to get some videos done too.. but its really just a day home with Jackson! 

It was a great night! 


K Jaggers
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  2. Glad you had such a great time out!!

  3. @ Kenzie.. thanks! It was nice.. but we thought about the kids the entire time!


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