Its OK Thursday!

Thursday, January 3, 2013
Its Ok Thursdays

Happy Thursday Friends.. Time for another It's Ok Thursday!!

Its ok that I am sleepy today.. at least I am up!
Its ok that I slept with the air conditioning on last night and woke up freezing.. the heat is on now.
Its ok that the in heat cats are driving me crazy. I put up with it for beautiful litters of kittnes like these..

Its ok that I have so many blogging things going on that I have forgot a few things.. sorry! Is it bad for me to ask for reminders!?
Its ok that I totally screwed up and missed out on getting Jackson back to school the first day after Christmas break. Silly me thought he didn’t go back till next week!
Its ok that one of my friends is starting a new job and I am nervous about how she is going to get through it. It’s a lot of hours and she is not use to that kind of schedule. Good luck.. call and let me know how it goes today!
Its ok that Angie Harshey is still stalking me. What sick person she is. I am sorry if she has bothered you pretending to be me. Google is working on it and I am also working hard to get her arrested and make it stop.
Its ok that Scott is not off work tomorrow. =( Having Tuesday off means he has to work on Friday.. maybe that will give me the extra time I need to finish cleaning up the house.
Its ok that I feel so bad for the young New Town kids going back to school today. I hope they all do well and not have too many flashbacks. I can only imagine what they went through.
Its ok that I think Kim Kardishan having a baby is crazy. I think she will take care of it the same way she took care of that cute kitten.. SHE DIDN’T.
Its ok that I buy  a ton of makeup.. It makes me happy happy!  Check out all the new 2013 displays at your local drugstore.. there are some great new products just hitting the shelves!
Its ok that I almost have my ex husband talked into moving to Florida with us. If he would just let me doing his planning….we could all get down there pretty fast! He’s from Florida.. and he also wants to move back. It would sure make it easier on all of us! 
Its ok that I am totally hating my hair at the moment..I wish it would just grow out really fast before I pick up the scissors! 
Its ok Its ok that my coffee is cold.. cold coffee is just as good! 

Have a great day! 

K Jaggers
3 comments on "Its OK Thursday! "
  1. haha we haven't turned our heat on this year yet. It's pretty cold but it's way too expensive and not cold enough we really need it!

  2. @ Ashley.. Gosh, I wish I could say the same. I stay cold.. and just can't live that way! But we do have a fireplace which heats the house pretty well without having the furnace on..which saves a little money! =)

  3. What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing your "It's ok Thursday!"


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