Friday, January 18, 2013

Its been such a rainy day and evening. I think its rained here for days. I guess God is trying to prepare me for moving to Florida!! However, its suppose to be icy and maybe snow .. and it doesn't to that too much in the sunshine state. They even said today at Jackson's school that tomorrow could be on delay or even a half day. Perfect huh? Thankfully husby will be up first and check things out really early. 

Here's a little bit of what I am talking about.. 

I didn't really feel like uploading these to youtube.. so I just used the blogger upload.. Sorry its not so good! 

I did exactly as I said in the videos.. Stayed home and stayed warm. I did have to pick Jackson up at the bus stop but that's it. And my car is on 0 miles to empty because I refused to go get gas in this weather. I have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow but I will probably late till the late afternoon. I have been so lazy and unproductive lately. Seriously.. the house needs a lot of love and I have a ton of errands to run. It totally sucks.. but I have need to get busy. 

Since I didn't do any shopping today husby came home with a big box of chicken.. 

and it really hit the spot.. 

He came in bearing other gifts too.. 

Some very good wine..


And we have been having trouble with the coffee pot.. so he got  a bag 


of fresh coffee and a mesh filter. 

which is nice.. because for 2 mornings in a row.. coffee has been all over the counter =/. Totally appreciate the coffee.. we needed it. We need a lot of things and I just wish the weather would settle down so I could go out. It was raining in every direction today. Wind was blowing at 50mph.. no thank you. 

Cooper was going nuts inside all day. 

I ended up putting him on the treadmill for about an hour 

but he was still all pumped up. He had to go out in the rain a few times and he got soaked...which wasn't so fun! 

Anyway.. it was a pretty uneventful day. Not much went on. I am very thankful that I didn't have to go run around in it. Instead I stayed home in my sweats and enjoyed the day in front of the fireplace. Tomorrow is going to be a different story. I have to at least go by the Dr.Office, Grocery Store and Pharmacy. And lets not forget the gas station. And its all going to start in just a few hours. 

Sweet Dreams

Hope you have a beautiful Friday! 


K Jaggers
2 comments on "Indoor.."
  1. There are times when it rains every day in Florida, but luckily only for an hour or so! :) Danica

  2. Yes.. I know! I have lived there on and off for years. I am so looking forward to leaving this cold weather!!


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