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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Happy Saturday! I thought I would link up with Stephanie over at Vintage Modern Wife for my " happies & Crappies " for the week.. Here we go!

=)The Dr. @ the ER sure helped me. Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you. Plus my friend helped too with some great suggestions. Thank you Shanna.

=) That I am finally catching up on laundry. Its been a disaster and I haven't been able to find any of my favorite clothes!
=) Saw Downton Abbey Season premiere and 1st episode last Sunday.. AMAZING! I love it.. totally hooked!
=)Tuesday Morning when my husband woke me up with some very yummy coffee. I drank it all... and loved it! Thank you baby! 

=)That Jackson's grades are slowly coming up. Study.. Study Study. 

=) The great bottle of wine Scott brought in the other night. Sure needed it! 

=) Scott gassing up my car this morning. I had 0 miles to empty and he didn't want me chancing it! 

=(The weather turned cold. Really cold. And I hate it. 

=( I felt like shit all day long. I think I am just getting old.
=( Lance Armstrong. God.. I seriously feel bad for him. I think he got in over his head and I still think he is a champion. But this entire mess makes me sad. I just hope he comes back even better. I bet he will. I just want to give him a hug.

=( Not doing right and taking Jackson to school yesterday. I don't really feel that bad about it. It was cold and delayed by 3 hours. We decided today was the day to play hookie! 

=(A few sad emails went out this week. It doesn't make me feel good either. I know in one of them.. I said something I didn't mean. Can't take it back either.  

=(I paid bills yesterday.. and it sucked. It always sucks!

Happy Saturday! 

K Jaggers
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  1. thanks so much girlie for linking up with us for Happies and Crappies! we really appreciate it. love all your happies and i hope next week you have less crappies!


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