Grumpy Bitch..

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello friends.. how was your Sunday!? I wish I could say my day/night was good but I was a pretty big grump being I wasn't feeling that good. I am feeling better but not good. I pretty much slept till almost 4pm today. The pain meds and muscle relaxers knock me out. I did get up and get a little laundry done and cooked some breakfast for dinner but that was about it.  I tried to drive to the store today but when I was trying to turn out of the neighborhood, I quickly realized that I couldn't drive and turned around and came right home. Looking left and right was impossible. Somehow tomorrow morning I HAVE to drive Jackson to school. I'll probably be in pain when I get home but at least I can take some meds and go back to sleep. 

So tonight I was confronted about this horrible person who was a family friend. I don't know how I was so fooled by this person but let me tell you.. I was. I shoot off an email to them and gave them a piece of my mind. Right now I am keeping it clean on here but there is so much I would like to say. We could seriously make a case study of this idiot and his girlfriend. I just might before its all over but hopefully he just drops off the planet and disappears. I'm serious. I just am not in the mood tonight for someone who is so ungrateful. The nerve of some people. Seems to me that karma is already biting him in the ass.. and its going to come even stronger. He went from selling 10 -12 cars a month when Scott was there to 4 cars a month. Guess he over estimated himself and his abilities. Priceless. Isn't is disappointing when you find out someone you use to care for is a complete fraud?? I am not shocked easily but with this one.. I'm shocked. 

Speaking of not being in a good mood tonight. Scott and I were trying to get online tonight and kept getting kicked off. Well we call the cable people and they told me what was wrong. One of the kids had their computer hooked directly up to the router streaming in Netflix. And then they were on with their xbox and phone. So when we tried logging on.. it just was so slow that it would take almost 1 minute or so to load. So I lost my temper.. and ripped out the all the internet stuff out of the wall.. and moved it. Needless to say, there is an unhappy kid here tonight. * Deep Breath * Again.. I just told the boys that our stuff is not their stuff. I am not sure they will ever understand that concept though. One thing I know for sure is.. the people who pay for the internet should be able to use it. So big change in the Jaggers house tonight. The internet is not going to be monopolized by one person anymore. Nope.. and if that doesn't work for them then they are always welcome to find other wifi connections and not use ours. I thought Scott was going to explode and instead I did. This has been an ongoing issue for a while now. Its handled  and hopefully we won't have to deal with problems like this again. I still don't understand kids now days thinking that just because their parents have something, its theirs too. Ummmmmm... NO. 

I did manage to escape tonight to the bedroom and watched 3 hours of Downton Abbey. OMG. its soooooo good. I am going to do a vlog about it in the coming days.. Actually I have a lot of videos coming up so stay tuned. Did you watch it? I wasn't going to miss it for the Golden Globes. I could have DVR'd the Golden Globes but it really doesn't interest me that much anymore and I am sure they will be going over what everyone wore in the days to come.. Catching the highlights will be enough for me! 

I am just a grumpy bitch tonight.. so I better shut this computer.. get some sleep otherwise tomorrow might not be so good either! =) 

Have a great Monday! 


K Jaggers

2 comments on "Grumpy Bitch.."
  1. I don't think you should feel grumpy. You got to sleep in until 4pm and watch 3 hours of Downton, OK so you were feeling ill but let's just forget about that point for now (I hope you're feeling better btw) your day sounds like sheer luxury to me. sheer. luxury. i hope today you feel a bit happier (and that sucks about your family friend, a few years ago i got the shock of my life from my best friend of 8 years who turned out to be a complete phoney. it's not nice when you have faith in someone and they turn out to be a douche bag)

  2. @My Froley.. I wish the day felt like sheer luxury for me! It didn't.. and yes once Downton Abbey came on.. my day got easier. I think since I was hurting everything about the day seemed bad. And then top it off with a ungrateful old friend just was the icing on the cake! But you live and you learn.. and its good to sort out the phoney douche bags! =)


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