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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today was really nice. I woke up to two great messages from Scott. First he left this adorable message downstairs.. and then he sent me a email. He doesn't mind me showing messages down stairs but emails are private. It was really sweet. And it was a wonderful way to start my day. He's wonderful and waking up to such a sweet message was a beautiful way to start my day. 

I laid around in bed for a while today. I was up about 11am. Jackson and Brandon were here all day.. so I let them have the first floor for a long while. I did get the bathrooms up here cleaned.. and I worked a lot on the bedrooms too. 

Then I decided to play in the make up and made this 

bronze purple lok using all Avon Products. It looked really pretty. I took this picture to post on Instagram and never put it up! =) I might have to do a tutorial on this look... it stood out in a very soft kind of way. 

Then I took off to do a little shopping..

OMG.. it was freezing here today. I was so pissed. I shivered for the first 15 minutes of the car ride. I couldn't even get on the phone because I was shaking so much. WTF?

I did my shopping and got home pretty fast. 

While I was out I picked up 

more kitchen items.. In case you didn't see it.. I reviewed that Method Dish Soap right here!! I was in the mood to clean the kitchen.. and I did.. using all my new stuff. Isn't it funny how buying cleaning items actually makes you want to clean? 

Husby got home a little early.. And boy did the cats go crazy on him. 

Willow was waiting on him.. 

She was watching and waiting on him to get in the door. 

Then they all went crazy.. 

They were wanting food...
He was a sucker and fed them a can of food when they should have been eating dry.. SUCKER! 

Speaking of food.. I was in the mood for steaks..

So at the store. I got some thin ribeyes, corn, potatoes, frehs broccoli, garlic, and some dinner rolls. 

I got the potatoes in first.. 

And the oven helped heat up the house.. 

Then I got the garlic ready. Roasted garlic is so good. Its sweet and really yummy. 

Just cut off the tops.. drizzle with olive oil.. salt and pepper.. wrap in foil.. and put in a very hot oven for about an hour. 

I used a store marinade for the steaks 

and let them sit for about an hour 

to give a little extra flavor. 

Then they went on the indoor grill

which worked great!

It wasn't long before dinner was served. 

And don't worry.. we wash the table before we eat dinner due to the kitty cats! 

Everyone was being super quiet during dinner.. that's how I know it was good. I just steamed the broccoli 

The baked potato was really good to me. I wish I would have made a few extras! 

Anyway.. night came upon us really fast tonight. I seriously think the sun just starts setting earlier and earlier. 

I needed a pick me up so I fixed myself a very yummy Cafe Mocha. 

And used my sisters tip for easy foam. If you want to see what I am talking about.. clicky click right here!

Then I come upstairs and find Willow trapped under the desk..

How did she get under there to begin with? 

she kept trying to get out but no luck! Scott had to come save the day! Goofy cat! 

It was a really nice evening around here. I can't really complain. It was a really nice day despite the freezing weather. I was sooooo cold today. And tomorrow/today I have to get up super early and get Jackson to school. I can promise you one thing.. I am wearing gloves and warming up the car first. Its going to suck! 

Ohhh also today.. I got in my new fun journal.. 

I did an entire post on this cool little book.. To read up and watch the quick video.. hop over here to check it out. Its really cool!! 

So did you see you what I am giving away?? 

Well!!! 2 Lucky Readers are going to win one of these 

Panel 0

Owl Necklaces! Isn't it adorable!? You can get to the entire post here but the form is in my right sidebar just to make it a little more convenient! Get entered and Good Luck! 

So as you can see.. it was a pretty good day! I am hoping tomorrow is a good day too. Its going to suck getting up early but I plan on staying awake and making a few videos! 

Hope you have a beautiful Wednesday! 


K Jaggers

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