Friday Letters

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello friends! Sorry that this post might be a little long but I have a lot letters that need to go out this week! 

  Dear Brittany, I hope you are feeling better today. I hate that you are not here. I am really worried about you being sick right now. You need to pack!!! Dear Brandon, You have been so quiet lately. I hope you are ok and you know you can talk to Scott and I anytime. Dear Brian, looks like you are running another car dealership in the ground. Dumbass. Dear Jackson, I don't appreciate you tricking me. Nope not at all. But now that your mom knows what you have been doing.. it won't be happening again! Dear Shanna, I know you are really worried. I promise you will be ok. Just hang in there and do what the Dr. tells you... and get a second opinion asap!  I love you. Dear Scott, you are the biggest love in my life. You make everything make sense and you saved my life. We are moving to Florida baby!!! Dear Mom, You blog is taking off! Soooo fun having you blogging! I miss you bunches!Dear Flu Season, I am seriously scared because the news has said you are really bad. Please don't come infect me. Pretty Please!  Dear Trina, You are blogging now too! Yea!! Isn't blogging such a great way to document your life? We miss you.. and every time I reach for another roll of paper towels I think of you! Dear Desk, You suck.. Why can't you go through all the mail and bills.. I guess we need to make a date for this weekend!  Dear Kitty Cats, you guys are seriously pissing me off at night when I am trying to sleep. You might now understand that my alarm clock goes off very early.. but when you are caged at night you might get the point! Stop running across the bed at warp speeds at night please! Dear Taylor Swift,  I am sorry but you might need to take some time to yourself. You just keep going through guy after guy after guy.. and I am not so sure you are the right influence for my 11 year anymore. I love your music but that's about where it ends.Dear Angie, I warned you that I would figure out who was doing that to me. I can't say I am really surprised that it was you but it did kinda hurt my feelings. Do realize how many years we were friends? Do you think I want Ryan? OMG.. I would die first before that would happen. You picked him.. he's your junkie so just leave me out of your twisted life story. Google contacted my attorney and told him you took down the blogs on your own accord. Smart move. But they are already on video. This blog has a big in depth tracker on it and you were on yesterday at 120 and checked out 6 post. California really? Stop it! What do we do now? I helped raise your daughter for a couple of years and its not going to be fun for Ryan or I telling her that her mommy went to jail for doing bad things to someone else. Your actions effect not only yourself but your family too. Stop with the fb postings.. it  doesn't help. You are caught.. plain and simple. I am trying to figure out how to handle this now that we know its you. Your not making anything better. I don't care that you come to this blog but I do care about the lies you tell and the other bloggers that you have bothered. Grow up. Your life is where it is because of the decisions YOU MADE. Not anyone else. Has doing this been so good that its worth going to jail over? Or paying me money for my attorney and all the lies you told? You should be ashamed of yourself and the fact that your not.. makes me want to drive up there.. drag you out of the house and take you to jail myself. Don't push it because right now.. we are deciding your fate about this. Remember.. you are not smarter than me.. and you will never be able to outspend me in court. Stop with your bullshit FOREVER. And don't go pick on some other innocent person because you can't screw with me anymore. Just give it a rest. You have done enough damage to yourself and your family.And I would have emailed this directly but I don't know where to send it.. so this will just have to do.  Dear Readers, you guys are seriously some of the best bloggy friends a girl could ask for. Thank you for all your sweet comments and your own amazing blog posts! I love getting to know each one of you just as you are getting to know me! Blogging is so much fun! =) 

Happy Friday! 
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  1. I, too, am hoping that I don't get the flu this year. It seems like some kind of sickness is circulating Florida. I've not gotten it yet tho! Thanks for coming over to my blog! Btw, you're a no-reply blogger!


  2. thanks for sharing..

  3. Oh and btw, I shouted you out on the blog today!

  4. @ EVE...Thank you for the sweet shout out on your blog today! Remember use a harness and not a collar otherwise the kitty could get scared.. pull out of it and run away.. which would be awful. I use to the toy dog harnesses and they work great! I am going to be moving to the sunshine state in May!!! And.. I also fixed the no reply problem.. I thought i had it fixed but guess not.. so after I woke up from my lazy nap.. it was the first thing I did.. let me know if its working ok!
    @ Irfan.. I think you are only the second male blogger that I have talked to in a while! Love it!! Happy New Year!


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