Easy Day.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hi! How was your day? I have to admit.. I loved waking up to no alarm clock. However little Jackson did come in over and over because the xbox was in my room and he wanted to play. That is going to change for tomorrow morning. I will be putting the xbox out of my room in just a little bit. 

It was a rather late day. 


I laid around in bed until after 3pm. It was cold.. it felt good.. and I didn't have many plans today. 

Once I got cleaned up.. I headed back to the store for a few forgotten items. 

Here is what I got...

I saw this tea.. 

and decided to get it. Darjelling tea is a sweeter tea and it had been a while since I had any. It just sounded good. 

Since I doubt I will be up tomorrow for breakfast.. I got something easy. Blueberry muffins. And the boys will eat them right up! 

I couldn't decide on just one coffee matte .. so I got 2

Cafe Mocha and Sweet Cream. I use sweet cream the most but I thought the other would be good to have to! 

I also got pop-tarts for the upcoming week. 

Again.. we are going for simple and fast. I know I could make a better choice.. but we are not the perfect family.. and we don't always eat the perfect foods! 

I got more bread.. 


Chili Powder.. 

I decided to switch tonights meal to chili instead of a roast or pasta. And I decided to serve it up with peanut butter sandwiches.. and this 

Skippy Honey Peanut butter sounded good.. 

All the chili fixins! Ohh.. I got this too.. 

We needed juice.. 

And these containers are the best. I re use them all the time. 

 I thought Blogna sounded good and the dog likes it..

On my way in.. I stopped and got mail.. and 

it was magazine day! 

I sat around for a while.. Scott got out of work a little earlier..and I had dinner cooking away. 

Chili was an easy option and it was cold.. Perfect dinner.

It didn't take long before it was done

I made a bunch of sandwiches..

which were really perfect

Dinner was served. We all ate at different times tonight. Which was nice because Chili is perfect for that kind of night. 

Everyone seemed to enjoy it. 

I also got a new review up for this 

Sea Mineral Method Dish Soap. If you haven't tried this.. you should click right here to read my review! 

While I was busy doing that.. Husby was back in the dining room working on the puzzle..

He's getting closer to getting it done! 

 After dinner I also baked a couple packages of these 

Hershey's Mini Kisses Cookies..

And they are delicious! 

I escaped to a hot bath and when I came out..


everyone was already in bed. Scott and Jackson both were sound asleep and the lights were off in Brandons room.. Shit.. I didn't think I was in there that long! I guess they were all tired. I am sure it will be a lively house in the morning. Again..the xbox is getting moved out of here tonight. Speaking of mornings.. I have been so off schedule and I hate it. Last it night was 6am before I finally drifted off to sleep. Scott got in the shower for work and the sound of the water flowing helped.  But its not easy to take care of my family on that schedule. When I finally do fall asleep.. its hard to wake up because I am so tired. Slowly.. I am going to have to adjust to a regular routine again. Jackson is out of school Monday and Tuesday of next week. Guess that's pretty nice.. and I am sure he will love sleeping in! 

Scott was in a pretty good mood tonight.. and I bet he will love having tomorrow off. We all need breaks. My break has been a little long but I am catching up. The house looks decent. It needs a lot of work still but its manageable right now. 

I hope you have a great Sunday! 

K Jaggers
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