Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello! I hope you had a great day! Things were pretty calm and lazy around the Jaggers house being 
 husby was home all day! It was nice having him home. I miss him so much with all the hours hes been working. But that made my day extremely lazy...which was actually nice! Super Cooper loved him being home too. And it was a pretty nice day here so they got to play outside for a while too. 

He took Jackson to school for me.. which happened but not exactly the way it should have. First off, I laid everything out, including his clothes and breakfast. Plus I put his medication out too. Well.. he flushed his medicine down the toilet when no one was looking and then he took the clothes I laid out for him and hid them under his bed and switched into some old sweats that had holes all over them.. And how my husband let him out of the house and out of the car without noticing is beyond me. I about died when Jackson walked through the front door this afternoon. Scott was a little shocked too.. How could he be shocked!? He took him to school!! God.. what that teacher of Jacksons must have thought. Oh my.. Well tomorrow I am sending in a note explaining things and he is going in clean nice clothes! I know it shouldn't matter but damn.. holey sweats.. NO. 

So besides that little bit of drama.. the night was rather easy. We were all upstairs and in our beds by 830.. well I headed to a bubble bath and then got in bed! I am so happy tomorrow is Friday! I love not having to wake up to an alarm clock on the weekends! 

Tomorrow I hope to stay home all day long. Yes.. the days I like the best are days I don't have to go out. I love being home! Home is where the Happiness is! =)

Have a great Friday and don't forget in just a little while Fill in the Blank Friday Link up will be live! So come back and join us! 


K Jaggers
2 comments on "Dreamy.."
  1. The first thing the teacher prolly thought is, 'dad must have been involved,' lolol

  2. @ Mail4rosey.. Your probably right!!!!


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