{ Crockpot Week } Broccoli & Cheese Soup

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

For crockpot week meal 3 we enjoyed some Broccoli & Cheese soup. This is one of my favorite soups and every time I made it before, it just wasn't that good. Well this recipe is a game changer. Its so good and so easy! 

Here's the video.. 

Crock pot Broccoli cheese Soup
Served with bread

1 qt chicken broth (or vegetable)
2 cups milk or if you want it really want it good.. use Cream or half and half. ( I use cream )
2 10 oz bags of frozen broccoli florets
1/2 diced white onion
1/2 t black pepper
1/2 t kosher salt
1/2 t ground nutmeg
2/3 cup cornstarch
1 cup each of three different cheeses, I used jarlsberg, gruyere, and cheddar.

The biggest expense of this dish is the cheeses. But you can just use all cheddar if you like but I picked out 

Jarisberg, Guyere, and cheddar to make it really good! 

The first thing you are going to need to do is cut up the 1 onion. You want to make sure its small because its needs to soften in the milk and chicken stock.. so you want a small dice. 

Once the onion is cut up.. Add your milk or cream.. add the chicken stock.. slide in the onions 

then you need to add the salt and pepper..

then the nutmeg

pour in the 2 bags of frozen broccoli..

Stir it around

and put the lid on it. 

Cook on high 4-5 hours or on low 6-8 hours. 

In the meantime if you are going to be grating up cheese.. 

pop it in the freezer..

because it will be easier to grate if you do.. 

 I just used my regular grater..

It was hard because I kept eating the cheese as I would grate it! =)

Then about an hour before its done, add all the cheese.. 

and stir..its going to take a while for the cheese to really melt.. so put the lid back on and let it cook for a while. 

Remember to taste as you go along and 

adjust the salt and pepper. 

Heres where it comes to preferences.. if you prefer a looser thinner soup.. then leave it alone and enjoy! 

But if you like it with a little more body.. a little thicker you can do a couple of things. 

First off.. take about a cup of the soup out and put in a bowl.. about about 3 tablespoons of cornstarch and mix it up.. add it to the soup and stir. If it needs more.. repeat. But really stir well. 

I used a little of the cornstarch .. used a whisk and stirred for a while to make sure it was mixed in well. 

And or you could also use a hand emulsifier and blend it.. this will take the big chunks out. I did this too.

This soup turned out so good. But I wish I would have used cream instead. It would have been even better. You know.. it might sound silly but I had the best broccoli and cheese soup on a cruise 15 years ago.. and I still can't get it exactly right. But this is pretty close! I do think next time I will  use only cheddar but good cheddar! 

I served it up with an onion roll and enjoyed. I have a ton of this left over.. Seriously.. LOTS left over. So I am letting it cool down right now and before I go to bed... I plan on storing some and freezing some for that night I don't want to cook! 

This is a really good soup! REALLY GOOD! 

Stay tuned for Bananas Foster coming up next! 

Let me know if you make it! 

K Jaggers

7 comments on "{ Crockpot Week } Broccoli & Cheese Soup"
  1. I have watched your video for Crock-pot broccoli cheese soup several times, and am convinced that if I follow your recipe to a T, mine will turn out just as good. My only question is, did your leftovers freeze well? That is my only concern. Love your blog and video's.


  2. This time, I put in the frig and we all ate on it for a couple of days. But I did freeze it before and I think if you put it in a big big ziplock and then lay it flat to freeze.. it works great! The soup thaws out easily and tastes great.. just like the first night you had it. Just follow the steps and it will come out great! :) Be sure to come back and let me know how you liked it!

  3. I really enjoyed it as did my husband (he scarfed down three bowls). My son would not touch it but that was expected (he is a very picky eater). I only made one change. I substituted one cup of cheese with an 8 ounce package of cream cheese. Again, it was really good. I am out of freezer bags. Do you think it would freeze well in mason jars? By the way, I am also going to try your Bananas Foster recipe. :)

    1. I am sooooo happy you guys liked it! My son is a picky eater too but I got him to try a bite.. and he finished his bowl too! I think it takes baby steps with picky eaters. I think it would work fine freezing it in a mason jar.. try to let it cool before ladling it into the jars.. then I would suggest putting it in the frig for a few hours to make sure it is good and cold before you put it in the freezer! I forgot all about freezing food in mason jars but it does work great!

    2. ohhh.. and the bananas foster was my FAVORITE.. served over ice cream.. its amazing!

  4. This looks so yummy! I just saw this post listed on Tuesdays with a Twist Link up, and so glad to find a new soup recipe to try out this week.

  5. It's cold and rainy here today. This recipe sounds perfect! Thank you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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