Coffee Talk.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Thursday Friends! Time for another edition of Coffee Talk with Natalie from right 23Seventeen. If you want to link up with us.. just answer the questions for yourself and hop over to her blog to link up your posts! 

1.           Do you drink the milk after eating cereal or do you dump it out?

I totally drink that sugary milk after all the cereal is gone! 

but I normally end up sharing the last little bit with the kitty cats! 

2.           Do you share drinks/food?

No.. I don't share drinks and food. It was a big HUGE issue for me even with Scott. So actually now I do eat and drink after him and the kids sometimes.. but that's it. NO THANK YOU TO GERMS.

3.        How often do you replace your toothbrush?

\I have 2 different tooth brushes.. 


I have an electric one .. I change the head when it starts looking bad.. and I also have a regular toothbrush too.. 


And I love kid toothpaste STILL... I change that one about once a month or when I am just getting a cold or getting over a cold. When I am sick.. I change my toothbrush often. 

4. How often do you wash your hair?

I wish I could be one of those girls who could only wash their hair every few days. 

BUT I"M NOT. 99.9% I wash my hair nightly. Every once in a while.. I might skip out on it but my hair always feels so much better and looks so much better after its been washed, dried and flat ironed. 

5. Do you use a dishwasher or do
you hand wash your dishes?

Actually I do both. 


I recently tried a new dish soap that I am loving.. you can check out my review right here!! And that alone has made me WANT to hand wash the dishes.. However on nights when I am super tired or just have a lot to do.. 


I use the dishwasher. I am really hard on dishwashers for some reason. I can't figure it out but I abuse it all the time. The wheels keep falling off.. The door is barely hanging on but it still works great! 

Hope you are having a great Thursday!

K Jaggers
3 comments on "Coffee Talk."
  1. OMG! My dishwasher is falling apart on me too! HAHAHAHAH!!!

    I love all of your answers.. except the sharing food one... bleh! I can't do it!

  2. You can buy new little wheel things for the dishwasher... we did for ours ;)I am also a wash my hair EVERY DAY type of gal. And that pic of the toothpaste turned out CRAZY! Doesn't even look like toothpaste, haha... swinging by from the link-up.

  3. @ Natalie.. It seems to me that we both have pieces of shit for dishwashers!!!! I am not too fond of sharing food but my husband forces me anyway!

    @ Amber..Glad to hear that! I seriously need some new ones! And that toothpaste is a kids toothpaste.. I hate strong minty flavors.. bubble gum is much better!


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