Coffee Talk!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

1. Would you rather have a pen pal or an email pal?

Well, I actually have both! To be honest.. both are about the same.. take about the same amount of time. But if I had to pick.. I would choose Pen Pal. Because there is something special about handwriting letters back and forth. However.. email is great too because they don't have to wait on the snail mail! 

2. What are you wearing at this exact moment?


I am wearing a sweater and my leopard pj bottoms. I'm Cold!!! And its a lazy day around the house with my husband.. so why get dressed!?

3. When you are sick, how do you handle it?

As well as I can of course. I hate it and try to stay in bed as much as possible but I have a entire house of people who depend on me to do many things for them on a daily basis. Its hard to just ignore their needs for my own but I also fear of getting them sick too. so yea.. I am in my bed most of the time until I feel better. 

4. I am___ [fill in the blank].

I am wishing I had bought my regular coffee at the market this week because the shit I am drinking right now SUCKS! Time to go back to the market! 

5. Movie you are excited to see this year????

There are so many! I am really wanting to see Flight, Taken 2, Brad Pitts new movie ( can't remember the name ).. I am sure there are more than I am forgetting.. I love movies and have a long list!! 

Happy Thursday! 

K Jaggers