Coffee Talk #20

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a good morning! Today I am linking back up for 

Here are today's questions..

When eating a taco, do you turn your head or do you turn the taco???


Of course I tilt my head!!! I am pretty sure you can't eat a taco without tilting your head to the side! BTW.. these Taco Bell Dorito tacos are freaking amazing.. My entire family and myself LOVE them! =)

Chocolate chip cookies or oreos??

I love both but my top pick would have to be...


dipped in milk of course!

What's the craziest thing you've ever been asked to do and DID?

Sorry.. I can't share that on here!! But one thing I can share is.. I was 20 years old with a Mustang GT.. I was in a huge race across the bridge that connects Kentucky with Indiana. I won the race but I also got car impounded... and I also needed new tires! My grandfather was none too happy and took my keys away for a month! hahaaha! 

Never have I ever

been on TV. Nope.. and I am totally happy about it too! I might love making youtube videos but I don't want to be featured on the news! 

Would you rather be broke and happy or rich and sad?

Why can't I be both....Happy and Rich!? But I would rather be happy of course! 

Hope you have a wonderful day! 

K Jaggers
7 comments on "Coffee Talk #20"
  1. I totally tilt my head to the side too - you can't tilt the taco or all the stuff will fall out.
    Fun questions!

  2. LMAO the taco question is honestly cracking me up!!! LMAO!

  3. I tilt my head to the side too! And I've never had the dorito taco before, but it looked super delicious on the commercial! Will have to check that out soon :)


  4. I'm gonna be excited when the Cool Ranch Dorito taco shell comes out.

  5. @ Kenzie.. I didn't know there was another way!

    @ Natalie.. it is pretty funny. I never thought of it until today! hahaha!!

    @ Sarah.. Its good.. go get one.. my entire family loves them!

    @ Erin.. I don't know if they are doing the cool ranch or not but if I see it, I will be sure to let you know.. Chances are its going to be just as good and the cheese one!

    Have a great Friday Ladies!

  6. Soft tacos. That's what makes the no-head-tilting possible! For real.

    And, those dorito tacos. Do you know how many calories are in them?! Ack! hahaha. What am I saying? I can barely eat taco bell as it is. :(

  7. wow, your racing story is awesome! i loved the volcano burrito at taco bell... until i started weight watchers. 21 points!!


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