Busy Night..

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gosh.. I have had a busy late night. Something got into me after I took a bath and I came out and rearranged  the spare room! I mean totally rearranged it! I have all my makeup and stuff in here too. And more and more I find myself sleeping in here to escape the loud snores from my husby. We start out cuddling but he starts snoring and I have sleep issues so we just don't mix! 

It was a pretty good day.. nothing really eventful went on except I caught up with Courtney.. She's been busy and will be here Sunday for dinner! I haven't seen her in a while so I am totally excited to see her! =) Another one of my friends had a good night because she finally got a long awaited phone call. So all around with the friends → Good Night! ←. 

For dinner tonight we had 

Beef tips over egg noodles with baby peas and it was freaking amazing. So simple and everyone loved it... even my picky eater! Left overs might just have to be my lunch tomorrow. 

Speaking of tomorrow.. looks like we are having the same EXACT weather here in North Carolina as my family and friends in Indiana.. High winds.. lots of rain.. and possible tornados. Only in Indiana they are already on a 2 hour delay and here.. the kids are going to school as normal. So it should make for an interesting day. I have all the lanterns and candles out just in case.. I have my car charger for my car out just in case.. and I went outside about 11pm with Brandon and got all the loose stuff off the front and back porch. I don't want to find my plants and stuff in the neighbors yard.. And I even brought in our 2 rockers because I don't want them being destroyed by wind. So we are all ready for a wet day! 

Well its late.. I just took my sleep meds and its time for bed! Have a great Wednesday! 

K Jaggers

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