Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Omg.. Its so cold here. Its in the low 20's right now. This just can't be normal for North Carolina. The snow might look pretty but it sure doesn't make my body feel good. Instead I cringe at the thought of going out in this weather for any reason. I did go out twice today to get Jackson to school and also to pick up something for dinner.

Also tomorrow is.. Jackson's...

at school! It was going to be Friday.. but our weather was suppose to be even worse so they moved it up.

That meant.. I was busy getting out

Jackson's suit.. gosh he is going to look great tomorrow! =)) I hope he has a lot of fun! 

Its so sweet listening to him talk about who he wants to dance with. There are 2 little girls that he wants to dance with but he just doesn't know which one he wants dance with first! These are the moments that I will always cherish and remember forever! I have already been dancing around the living room with him.. which again.. is one of those moments. ♥

So for the rest of the night.. husby and I are hanging out.. staying warm.. and enjoying some American Idol! 


Stay warm!


K Jaggers
2 comments on "Burrrrrrrrrrrrr...."
  1. I feel you, it has been less than 10 degrees here in good old Utah...want to DIE! I am so over winter! Hope you thaw out soon,
    The Real McCoy(s)

  2. @ Melissa.. I hope you are staying warm too! I couldn't imagine it being less than 10 degrees. That would just be awful!


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