Another Late Night

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gosh.. I am always up so late. No wonder I am so exhausted all the time. Scott and I stayed up late watching a couple tv shows and then we sat back for a movie. He just went to bed too so I know he is going to be grumpy tomorrow. And I am betting if I don't get to sleep soon, so will I. 

It was a wet and cold night around here. I thought the weather was going to be bad but during the day.. it was just windy with a little rain.. Then as evening set upon us, the rain and winds really set in. And the rain never stopped. Its still raining right now. Maybe it will be nice to go to sleep to. Thankfully we didn't loose power but I was prepared in case we did. 

I got a few videos done tonight that will be up tomorrow. And then Friday I will have another video up and I plan on doing a video of what's in my make up bag too! I love the videos because they are so much faster and easier than writing a long post! But blogging is my first love! =)

Not much went on around here tonight. I didn't even cook tonight which was nice. I was just tired and wasn't in the mood to be in the kitchen. Thankfully we had a ton of left overs to choose from and no one starved! 

Well I am going to snuggle up with my kitty cats.. and start dreaming! 

Hope you have a great Thursday! 

K Jaggers
2 comments on "Another Late Night"
  1. I'm the exact same way. It's after 3AM here and my boyfriend is already fast asleep. I just can't seem to make myself get in bed!

  2. @ Chloe.. I can never fall to sleep that easily. But husby never has that problem.. Lucky Man.. Your boyfriend sounds like the same! Have a great Friday!


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