A-Z About Me!

Monday, January 28, 2013

A-Z About Me

I have seen this fun link up all over the blogs lately and I thought it would be fun to join up and answer! 

Here's my answers! 

A - Available or married?

Not just Married.. but Happily married! 

B- Book?

God I wish.. but the last book I read was 

and I really wish I could find another that I want to read.. I think the new Whitney Houston book by her mom might be my next choice. 

C- Cake or Pie?

Cake.. Cake.. Cake.. I love cake and I have said for YEARS that.. I will never give up a cupcake for a man or a dress size.. NEVER! 

D- Drink of Choice?

 Coke most of the time.. But I like Mt. Dew, and sweet tea. I also like a cold glass of milk.. and I loooove all coffee! 

E- Essential Item?

My laptop.. couldn't live without it. 

F- Favorite Color?

Soft teal or black ... Yes I know there is a big difference but I love the soft teal and brown.. and I wear a lot of black! 

G- Game to play or watch?

H- Hometown?

New Albany, Indiana.. Known to me as the Twilight Zone. Thank God I left and don't live there anymore. 

I- Indulgence?


makeup of course! 

J- Job?

Nope.. I haven't worked in almost 10 years. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who works hard enough for both of us. 

K- Kids and names?

Yep..I have a daughter - Brittany Belle - and I have a son name Jordan and also a son named Jackson. 

L- Life is incomplete without?

My grandfather. I miss him more than I will ever be able to explain in a blog post. 

M- Music group or singer?

I like all music but I have always and still loved Phil Collins..This is why..

N- Number of siblings?

One sister.. Laci and One brother - Jeremy - who passed away when I was 19.

O- Oranges or apples?

That's hard.. but I would have to pick oranges. I drink only fresh orange juice because any kind of juice that is processed tastes horrible to me. I know that totally sounds spoiled but I seriously don't drink that fake shit. Nope..

P- Phobias/Fears?

Fear of heights.. and a small fear of planes. 

Q- Favorite Quote?

R- Reason to Smile?

I am truly living a blessed life. 

S- Season?

Spring or fall.. Warm Weather!!!

T- Tattoos?

No.. but I wish I wasn't so scared to get one.. because I bet I would never stop!

U- Unknown fact about me?

I had one of my ears pierced 6 times! I only wear one earring in both ears at this point! 

V- Vegetable you love?

I love most all vegetables.. but I would have to say I really love potatoes the best.. carrots too! 

W- Worst habit?

Smoking. Yea.. not too glamorous.

X- X-Rays you've had?

Too many to name! 

Y- Your favorite food?


Z- Zodiac

Aries.. March 23rd!

If you want to do this fun blog A-Z questionnaire.. leave your link below in the comments so I can read your answers! 

Have a great night!

K Jaggers
3 comments on "A-Z About Me! "
  1. You're right, it was a lot of fun filling this out. :) Thanks for sending me the link to yours!
    I loved your response to the "Oranges or Apples" question! "I don't drink that fake shit." Too funny. :)
    I used to smoke, too, until I got pregnant...that's one thing that'll make ya stop! But I can't blame you, it's relaxing and it's definitely hard to quit!


  2. Oh fun! I'll be stealing this, hehe

  3. @ Chloe.. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I didn't want to sound like a snob but that fake orange juice taste awful to me!

    @ The Nomad.. leave me a link when you have it done so I can come check out your answers! =)

    Have a great Friday!


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