2012 in a Nutshell

Thursday, January 3, 2013


2012 was a busy not as busy as 2011. Our family kept growing and day by day we would just roll with the punches.. Here's a look back!


Last January I created this MAC look..

Photo: Smokey Look using MAC Products - Click link below for details


which was a huge hit..

I got 3 speeding tickets.. 

Photo: And yet ANOTHER ticket....I swear this whole town is going to be able get a big make over with how much we are paying here in tickets....Grrrrrrrrrrr

which totally sucked..

We had some pretty weather in late January.. which meant, we could take Super Cooper along for more rides! 


We rolled into February when Adel won all those awards..

Photo: Adele won 6 Grammys last night at a show packed with love and sorrow (that drew the biggest Grammy ratings since 1984). Did you like her comeback performance? http://bit.ly/x790I4

Shes amazing... and earned them well!

We had our Valentine dinner..

And then took off a few days later to Louisiana to see Zane and go to Mardi Gras! 

Photo: NEW POST!!!


It was a pretty nice vacation! 

My mom went too! 

Photo: Mom Lenetta Martin-Carnes feeling really really good and hunting down more beads!

My mom got me this beautiful outdoor patio set for my birthday..

which I looooove! 


In March.. My sister came to visit..

Photo: New post up!!


and so did Laura and Jerred..So we had a total of 4 house guest in the same week. FULL HOUSE

I did some MAC shopping a week or so later.. 

Photo: New Post!!


which was a lot of fun..

For my birthday.. husby got me this 

Photo: My Birthday Cake!!

cute cake!

And my present was.. 

Photo: ♥ Newest member of the Jaggers Family!!!!! ♥ More pictures coming up on blog soon!



In April we celebrated our wedding anniversary..


Click the link ↓ below ↓ to get to it! 


Another year with the love of my life.. Blessed lady I am!

Here is Easter dinner..

Photo: Easter dinner served!

It was a beautiful day!

We also had husby's birthday in April!

Photo: Happy Happy Happy Birthday Baby! ♥ Love you ♥

Spring brought.. open doors.. open windows.. 

Photo: Birdie watching!!

so we all.. including the kitty cats could enjoy the warm sunny days! 


Romeo was growing into a healthy kitten come May..


He also went on his first road trip..

Photo: Not a happy Romeo....stil not fond of traveling!! 4 more hrs to go

We took him to Atlanta with us.. and he was such a little guy at the time!

I got my new kitchen table just a few days later..

Photo: Got my new table today!!!

which I love very much!

Also got a couple of 

Photo: and also got to front porch rockers!!

rocking chairs too!

I cut my hair into a bob in May too! 

Photo: Hair day!

May turned out to be an expensive month..

We bought a new washer and dryer..

Photo: Our new dryer!!

which turned out to not be so easy for husby to install! 

Photo: Husby and Romeo hooking up the new dryer

Romeo was still growing like a little weed! 

Photo: What a doll baby!

Is he not adorable!?

In late May we took off to Indiana

Photo: Louisville!!

to see the grand kids..

Photo: Baby Ashlynn
Photo: Ashy!

And to pick up Brittany & Jackson for Summer Vacation.. well this year, Jackson was moving in! 

Photo: 2 kids on the way to North Carolina!

And Summer started! 

Photo: Trouble!

Photo: Jackson & his new friend!!


By June the garden was looking great!

Photo: look at how big my cucumbers are getting!!

And we took off to Louisiana to pick up Zane up.

This was the first year we had all the small kids together.. and it was 

Photo: Our day!!

a ton of fun! 

Photo: Day @ Lake Lure

Photo: Family Swim Night!

Brittany took off to go see my mom for a few weeks.. 

Photo: There she goes!

I almost have a panic attack every time she gets on a plan by herself!! 


July came around and Romeo found himself in a mirror for the first time..

Photo: I bet hes saying....what a beautiful boy I am!!

And he totally saw how beautiful he really is!

More great goodies from the summer garden..

Photo: fresh from the garden!!

We also made a bunch of Rock Candy.. 

which was a total sticky mess.. but the candy was great! 

We enjoyed our summer together..

Photo: Day at Broad River!

And then it was time for Zane to go back to his moms. 

Photo: Puzzle books = for road trpis


Romeo getting even bigger..

Photo: happy Wednesday from Romeo!!!

We also went to the Discovery Center with Jackson before school started.. 


which was pretty cool. I loved it there!!

We took Brittany home to her dads..

Photo: I love the mountains!

which was sad but a few days later.. 

Jackson started 4th grade here with us!

Photo: First Day of School!!!  I love you Jackson Watteau Gebby!!!!


Jackson and I had a lot of laughs and giggles when he wasn't in school! 

I also found this kitty that my mom got me for Christmas!!

Photo: Did you know Scott and I are expecting!!!????

Yep.. here she is!!!! Picking her up on October 6th!!!!

Speaking of kitty cats.. Romeo was getting use to the fresh air!

Under supervision only!

We enjoyed a lot of fairs in September...

which was a lot of fun!

I blogged a lot in September.. With Brittany and Zane gone.. Jackson in school during the day, gave me a lot of free time! 


In the first week of October.. we picked up

Photo: Our new baby!


And Cooper was sweet enough to just go along with another cat coming into the house!


And check out Romeo..

Photo: My Romeo

He's getting even bigger huh!

Photo: Brandom and Gypsy!

Brandon also moved in with us in October. He's trying to figure his way through this hard life!

Jackson turned 

Photo: Hope you made a great wish baby boy! Jackson Watteau Gebby

10 on the 23rd.. Happy Birthday baby!

I discovered a new cereal that I looooove! 

Photo: Very yummy bed time snack!

More home repairs in October too..

New garbage disposal..

Photo: Getting a new garbage disposal tonight!

Also in October, we carved some bad ass pumpkins!

Photo: Happy Halloween!

Halloween came..only a few trick or treaters this year..which was strange! 

Photo: Happy Halloween!

Jackson and Brittany were the same thing.. 

Photo: And my Brittany Belle is in front!!!! I can't believe my 2 kids boy and girl, wore the same Halloween costume this year


At the beginning of November, my princess turned 11 years old.. and went

Photo: my Britney at the Justin Bieber concert!!!!

to the Justin Bieber concert with her grandmother which she loved!

Jackson started bringing home homework that I totally didn't understand..

Photo: Friday night with my favorite little boy!

4th grade math sucks..

I also filed for a restraining order against 

Photo: I put 1 on her felon husband too

stalker girl but it stick.. however, I am doing it again with new evidence.. hopefully this time.. with a lawyer, in her city.. will work.

I also cast my vote in November..

Photo: I voted!

and Romney didn't win.. thank God! 

Photo: I love a good I told you so moment!!!!!!!!!

We even bought a fish in his honor who is named Preisdent Obama.. 

Photo: I got a bigger and better President Obama!!

who has quickly became president of the fish tank!

However, if Romeo could get him.. 


He'd be lunch!

Late November the leaves started to change..


It was so beautiful..

Gypsy got her first bath.. 

Photo: One unhappy kitten!

which she hated..

In November.. Scott and I ate a lot of Mikey D's..

Photo: How we relax!

and hung out in bed!

We also got this new coffee pot.. but

Photo: Got a new coffee pot today!

still not sure what I think of it..

Thanksgiving rolled around..


and after dinner.. back in bed we went..


And Gabby laid down with me. She is seriously not a cat.. she's a person with fur!

The following weekend we started decorating for Christmas..

Photo: Husby getting the Christmas train set up!!

The weather changed to cold.. 

Photo: Gloomy Day

And Romeo is huge!

Photo: My big ass kitty cat!

December came upon us. ... Here was our 2012 Christmas card..

Photo: Here are this years Christmas Cards! =)


I rediscovered Lush Ocean Salt Scrub..

Photo: Love...

that I love...

 Before I knew it.. Christmas was almost upon us.. So I had to prepare..

I was lucky that this year.. again.. I had mom and Laci here! 

Which meant a lot!!

And I got yet another great Christmas with the man in life! 

 Trina and Trent and Brandon were all here together with us all! 

We had a great time but by time we got the house back together.. I was pretty tired!

and for New Years we spent it in bed together.. 


We rang in the new year with 

My ex husband and kids.. and 

Willow celebrated with sipping Scott's martini! 

So that was our year in a nutshell... Besides a link up this is the last New Years Post I am doing! 2012 was a pretty good year for us but 2013 is going to be even better! 

Happy Thursday! 

K Jaggers

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