Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So how was your day!? Mine was rather uneventful.. seriously. Most of my day was laying on the couch not feeling good. My stomach was hurting really badly today so I decided to lay back and do NOTHING until I started feeling better. 

It sucked because it was such a beautiful fall day. 

I took this picture off the deck when I let the dog out and realized it was a day to enjoy the windows being open. The breeze was so nice and lets face it.. 73 is a great December weather! =) But don't get jealous . its ending tomorrow.  It suppose to be 68 tomorrow with a chance of rain.. and its suppose to get cooler and cooler with each passing day. Then Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of next week, its suppose to be 75. Thank you God! I know Scott is thankful too because if its cold.. I am bitching non stop. I freaking hate cold weather. Sure the snow is pretty to look at but I don't like shivering! 

In the late afternoon, Brandon went off to get his computer. I was going with him but it took a while for them to get the computer he wanted in and I had to pick Jackson up from school at 5 from his field trip. 

That was an experience all in itself. They sent a note home saying we needed to be there at 5pm.. not 5:01 or 5:05.. So I get there at 4:50 and one by one parents pulled up. We all waited...waited..waited.. no kids.. It was rather frustrating being I was feeling good but I hung out.. and got this amazing picture of this amazing sunset.

You can see the playground stuff in the distance but the sky was so beautiful. I sat there a freaking hour waiting on them. I was a little worried but Brandon called me from the town over and told me he saw some school buses and thought it was them being it was 530 at that point. We all had no choice but to sit around and wait on our kids. At 6pm they came rolling in. I wasn't too happy about how long we had to wait but I got Jackson from his classroom and headed home. He was really tired and grumpy.

When we got back, Brandon was here with his new computer 

happy as can be! So happy for him. I couldn't imagine being without a computer!!! So he spent the evening working on it and getting it all set up. 

I didn't cook tonight. I just warmed up the left over potato soup and told them all to help themselves. Scott got home and was in a happy mood but it didn't take long before we were all upstairs in bed. I think each of us were in our rooms by 8:30. 

Now its 1230 and I am off to bed. I am tired and really want to start dreaming. I have to be up early and its going to suck! 

Ohhh.. check out the picture I got today of one of the kittens I sold! 

This is Edward and he is freaking amazing.. He was the one I nicknamed Swagger and I am a little jealous that I didn't keep this one! Hes an awesome looking cat and I am so happy he is in a loving home!

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


K Jaggers
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