Wet Afternoon...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Its been an easy afternoon around here.. its been raining for hours on end. Scott and I got up and took off.. we exchanged the camera and I came home with a new one! I got this new 

Canon.. and its pretty nice. I have been testing it out for the last few hours and so far I love it. I had another one in mind.. with internet capabilities but the people at the store talked me into this one. They had this camera in all kinds of colors but they were all sold out except the black so that's what I went with. I already love it 10x more than that big red one. This one can fit in a clutch or in my purse really easily. I am still getting use to it. 

I have a HUGE weekend in review post coming up tonight or tomorrow. I still have some laundry to do tonight and I have to get things ready for Jackson tomorrow. You know, blogging about what seems to be pretty meaningless stuff didn't seem right when the Connecticut shootings happened but I am hoping that maybe one of my posts takes someone away from the devastation for just a few minutes might be the right thing to do.. and blogging is a release for me. So while we hold them in our hearts, we stand up and we try our best move on. I know a lot of bloggers are not blogging on Tuesday in memory of the victims... I am not sure if I am doing that or not.. but they will remain in my thoughts and prayers. 

Time to figure out what we are eating tonight and work on that weekend in review post. 

Have a beautiful evening. 

K Jaggers
2 comments on "Wet Afternoon..."
  1. Visiting from Mom's Mingle. Awesome that you got a new camera... How fun! It is hard to focus on blogging while so many are mourning. Man, life can be tough...

  2. Thanks for saying hi @ Sara! It is hard to blog when so much is going on right now. Its really sad but we must go on. The new camera is great.. but still trying to figure it all out!


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