Weekend in Review ( Pic Heavy )

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello friends! How was your weekend? It was pretty easy going for us around here. Saturday Jackson and I slept in and then took off to do some running.. 

Which included getting Jackson a hair cut. 

He wasn't too happy about it either but 

in the chair he went. 

and by time it was over.. he wasn't so hairy looking! =)

He wanted to spend his allowance.. 

so he got some weird toy.. actually a few of them! 

We came back towards home and picked up his little friend Landen and then took off to the school gift show.. Both boys bought a couple things and I got this decal for my car.. 

However, I put it in the back window tonight and hated it.. Sorry ... decals or stickers on a Jaguar just don't mix so I have no idea where I am going to put this but I am happy with the big 

big magnet I got. 

I guess this was the weekend of getting all the items we bought from the neighborhood kids because our 

Carmel Popcorn came in and we also bought a box of 

of donuts from the middle school neighbor too! The donuts got ate up a lot faster than the popcorn but both taste great! 

Husby didn't even get home until after 7pm on Saturday.. and after hugs and kisses he sat down with 

Precious Romeo. OMG.. that picture makes my ♥ melt. Look how that kitty cat is in his arms.. 

For dinner Saturday.. I didn't want to cook and none of us really felt like going out so I took the boys to the 

frozen isle at the market and let them pick something out. Totally worked for me and it worked for them too! 

After dinner Scott and Brandon had some time enjoying a couple games of 

Chess. I tried telling Brandon he would loose to Scott and guess what? 

Scott won both times!!

I had to pick up some ornaments for a Holiday Ornament Swap I joined up with.. But I can't show you the ones I picked out yet because I want it to be a surprise and I think my partner is a reader of my blog! 

But I also picked up a couple for us.. 

My biggest loves and I also got 2 plain ones that you write on with a sharpie for 

myself and Zane. I need to pick another one up for Laura too. Can't believe I forgot hers!!! So I will get another one soon. I got these at Hallmark and they were really cheap. But they are not going on the tree. I will be putting them in the windows! 

When I finally hit the bed last night, I was exhausted. Scott was snoring like a bear so I headed into the spare room with the kitty cats. 

Boy that little one is Trrrrrrroubbble!! 

But Romeo and her cuddled up together and all you could see is big tales and furry kitty asses! 

Willow cuddled up in bed with me.. 

and we drifted off to sleep pretty quick. 

When I woke up this morning.. I had 2 different kittys in the bed.. 

Romeo was tucked up under the blankets.. too freaking cute and Gypsy was waiting on me to get up and 

get her some food. 

Scott and I had some errands to run so off we went... 

I was feeling the black liner today!! =))) 

We did some shopping at Walmart.. 

and then we came home and Scott got busy 

putting the lock on my closet door. I seriously wanted one room that no one other than Scott and myself could get into. With a houseful of kids, privacy just is really limited. So I had husby change that for me! 

Jacksons little friend Landen came over today for a long while too! 

They are so cute! 

For dinner tonight I fixed a really simple one skillet meal.. 

Chili Mac which everyone ate up.

Then I focused a lot on laundry.. 

yea.. lots of laundry.. and even now.. towels are in the dryer. Brandon does his own laundry and it makes it much easier on me! 

While I was out today.. I got 2 new exciting finds!!

Check out these cupcakes...

I'm in love.. I am making them tomorrow.. and I will for sure do a review on these so stay tuned! In case you were wondering where I found them.. I got them at my local Wally World! I think my entire house is excited about me making these and if they could have had it their way.. I would have been in the kitchen tonight baking! 

The other exciting new product I got was this.. 

Covergirl mascara. This is the clump crusher by lash blast.. and I can't wait to try it out! Another review for ya! 

A little while ago, I sunk into a hot 


bath and just laid back and closed my eyes and almost fell asleep. It felt so good. 

Then I came out and got my box ready 

of the ornaments I picked out for my swap partner! I sure hope she likes them! 

Anyway.. its 1am and I have to be up in 6.5 hours so I need to get to sleep! I hope you had a great weekend and an even better week! 


K Jaggers

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