Weekend in Review ( Extreme Pic Heavy )

Monday, December 17, 2012


Hello everyone.. I hope you had a beautiful weekend. I hope each one of you hugged your children and loved ones a little tighter too. I am still in shock at all the children who recently left our world but I am going to continue blogging and trying to move forward but it sure has been on my mind. 

Friday morning Scott got up with Jackson. I was so thankful that I got to sleep in. However, Jackson popped in my room before he left and took about a million pictures of me while I was sleeping. 

Yea.. thanks baby! As  you can see, I really do cuddle up with my kitty cats in the morning! 

Scott was off work on Friday so it wasn't long before he had me in the truck

heading out to run some errands and do some Christmas shopping.. 

First Stop.. 


Second stop.. 


Third stop.. Best Buy and Sams.. 

I ended up getting this camera.. 

Being I prepared pretty well for the weekend.. I had a lot of coupons to use up.. 

We had these Steak n Shake coupons

and thats exactly where we went.. 

Lunch was really good.. 

and that little girl with her dads was so precious. She entertained me for hours on end.. 

Then we were off to... 

I have been having a little trouble with the kitten so I was looking for a cage.. but wound up.. checking out all the kitty cats that were up for adoption.. 


Cooper had lost his tag so we took the opportunity to get another.. 

We picked out the cute paw.. 

I don't want to show the other side but it did a really nice job engraving it. 

Then we make our way home.. once we get here.. 

Scott and Jackson spend some time with 

Super Cooper while I worked inside the house. 

In last Sunday's paper there were Golden Corral Coupons and Scott and I decided to use them 

to take the boys out. 

Dinner was really good.. 

And we got out of there for about $27 for 4 people.. and thats a pretty good deal. It was either buy groceries or find something to eat and lets face it.. 

the cotton candy was amazing! 

We got home and Scott and I hung out while he enjoyed a back rub.. 

And while Gabby looked on.. 

Saturday was nice because I really got to sleep in.. I woke up and took it pretty easy with Jackson in the afternoon. We stayed in our pjs for the longest time. 

Gabby was enjoying her weekend too.. 

I think she really looks pregnant in the picture below.. 

Fingers crossed she is..

It seemed like forever before Scott got home. Seriously.. FOREVER. I seriously almost tackled him when he came in the door.

Once he got home we took off to head out to exchange the camera. It was nice but not really what I was looking for. It was too big.

So we drive an hour to Sams..

wait in line for a while.. then wait for them to inspect it.. 

where they let me know that I forgot the lens cap.  OMG.. 

I could have screamed and I thought Scott was going to kill me.. But instead.. he took me back to Steak n Shake ( the rest of the coupons were still in the truck ) 

You can see he didn't look too happy but bless his heart.. he understood that I simply forgot it. 

The sweet tea was so freaking good.. 

and I got this Buttery Steak Burger

which I had a coupon for.. and oh my.. 

I ate every bite.. EVERY BITE.. 

We made it back home and pretty much collapsed in the bed. He agreed that he would make that long drive for me again today.. 

and that's exactly what happened.. It was a wet rainy cold day but we drove an hour AGAIN.. 

to head to Sams. 

This time he got himself a box of  different 

Mexican Beers. We got the camera returned and I picked out another. I knew we were going back today so last night I searched online for some Panera Bread coupons because thats where I wanted to have lunch.. and I found.. 

a great coupon to use and after our shopping.. 

we headed to one of my favorite places for lunch.. 

How can you not love Panera Bread? 

I love all the sweets.. 

But today nothing really stood out to me so we just got our soups and sandwich combos

which were perfect for such a rainy day..

And again.. 

delicious tea! 

Here's my handsome date!! 

We got full and drove back through all the rain 

We were only out today for about 2 hours and then got home and started cleaning the house up and doing laundry. I am really thankful because Scott was so kind to help with the laundry all day and night long. Shit.. its still going and its 130am. 

Jackson had fun 

skyping with his sister and his dad. I think its so awesome to be able to video chat for free. He loves it! 

Ohhh and here is the new camera I got.. 

Its a cannon and it really takes nice pictures. It comes in a bunch of colors but they were all sold out.. they only had the black one left so that's what I got. The sales people kept telling me that this was a great pick so hopefully it will last. I am super hard on cameras so I got the 3 year service contract to go with it.

Scott and I laid around the rest of the evening.. enjoyed some tv.. I got down these cool Christmas

cookie sheets and the one on the far right is for mini cakes. 

You just press cookie dough in these 

and your done.. 

then this one.. 

is for mini cakes.. Thank you mom and I plan on using these this week! 

For dinner.. I didn't want to cook so we all ate what we wanted so Scott and I had some 

super easy pizza rolls. They were actually pretty good.. 

And here is the cage I picked out.. 

So its not a wire cage but I think it will work just fine. She isn't in it all the time.. just when I think she needs it.. and it will also work for Gabby and her kittens..

Speaking of the cats I got some great pictures of them tonight.. except I couldn't find Willow when I was snapping pictures.

Soooo cute!

Gabby.. and we all know


I finally escaped to a late shower where I enjoyed some of my new Lush Products. 

I love the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub.. it feels amazing on.

I got these in a few weeks ago and I have yet to do a haul post.. and I doubt I do. I will probably review some of these but right now I am just

doing my best to keep up with regular posts. After the new year I will be ordering a bunch more of my Lush favorites and then I will get the post up. There bath bombs are kick ass .. actually I haven't really found a Lush product that I don't love. Scott loves a lot of their stuff too. A Lush gift basket would be such a great Christmas present for anyone!

In the late hours of the weekend Scott and I enjoyed a few movies..

Well we saw Bourne Legacy in the movies but we watched it again too. I have to admit that my handy dandy phone is great at keeping track of the movies we watch to remind me of what reviews need to be done.. along with many other lists..

I'm trying to go electronic as much as possible. I still use my daily planner ... but its so easy to just take my phone around with me every where I go. When I am home, my phone practically lives on the charger because I use it so much. My goal for January is to buy another battery for my phone and my camera so I have back ups when I need them. Anyway.. these lists are helping me stay organized and that is super important this week. So much to do.. so little time to get it all done. This time next week.. MY MOM and SISTER will be here!! Exciting!!

Anyway.. tomorrow is already here. I have a ton of things to do. I need to go to the grocery store and get stuff for the week and I also have a lot of cleaning to do this week too. My mom , Don and Sister will be in exactly 1 week - next Sunday - and Scotts sister will be in on Christmas Eve. So I have got to get busy. I will try to blog as much as I can but I am afraid I am going to be behind for a while.. but I will keep up the best I can. I ordered a lot of desserts this year that are being shipped in. My mom and Don want to buy the Ham so we are going to do that on Sunday after we pick up them all up from the airport. Thank you mom! She sure does spoil me.. so does Scott and I couldn't be more thankful for all their love and support. What an amazing family I have.

So its time for bed.. I have to be up soon.. YUCK!

Ohhh please forgive me if I haven't responded to your email or comment. I am really running behind and I love talking to each one of you.. but I am barely keeping my head above water this week. I promise things will get back to normal around here after Christmas!

Have a great Monday!

K Jaggers

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  1. You have the bluest eyes!! So pretty.

    The you pick two is my fave at Panera. I need to get my hands on that coupon!

  2. Thank you! I love Panera Bread too.. I just googled it.. and found it on some site..and printed it out! Loved the discount! Happy Monday!


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