Weekend Highlights..

Monday, December 10, 2012

Helloo.. A sleepy hello. I am surprised I am up right now but here I am! It seemed like a long weekend to me. I was really tired all weekend long and I can't explain why. There were a few good parts to the weekend.. 

I spent a great time with 

these 2 boys.. 

Enjoyed Pecan Pie 

in bed! 

Woke up Saturday and headed out.. 

To do some shopping.. 

And I got a new wallflower. 

 Cute Huh!? 

I actually got another one too. I was going to give it as a gift but I am not sure it would be easy for them to get the refills so I might just have to keep it.. and if I do.. I'll be sure to show you because its really cute! 

Also over the weekend husby brought me home a nice gift. He is always getting nice gifts from the bank reps at work.. 

This time he got this.. 

Really nice GMC Notebook.. and he knew I would love it.. 

There is a flap on the inside.. 

that lifts up.. 

Where there is more card slots.. and a flap to store papers behind it. 

With a notebook in the middle..

The back has a extended calendar.. and a pen slot. 

I like the pen too! 

I love it and I will for sure use it. I also love that he knows what I like and what I don't like..He seriously knows me better than anyone. 

Today I started out laying around.. and Jackson got this picture.. 

I finally had to get up and get dinner in the oven, toss laundry around and pick up the house some. I also had to run to 

cvs.. The boys took off in the afternoon to go 

bowling. The boys really needed some time out together. Jackson had a great time and I think Brandon had a pretty good time too! 

While they were gone.. I got busy making some brownie bites. 

And I took some help from the store! 

I used my mini muffin pan 

and used a good premade brownie mix...

 They turned out pretty good too! 

All the boys seemed to like them! 

For dinner, I let the oven do most of the work and made a beef roast for dinner. 

Again.. everyone loved it and it was nice because during the week.. Scott gets home so late that we rarely eat together anymore. Tonight we all sat down, had dinner, and had a lot of laughs at the table. 

We also have had to be watching out for Cooper. He's not feeling good tonight and I think he has a bladder infection. 

Hes having problems going... and when he does go, he can't really control it. I almost made him sleep outside tonight but I put him in the bathroom instead. We got some medication for him and hoping it works otherwise he is going to have to go to the Vet really soon. 

It wasn't long before I was in the bath after dinner tonight. I am just not feeling that good. My body is aching and it makes me worry that I am about to get sick. It was weird because the bath didn't feel that good to me. I even got so hot that I went and sat out on the back deck right after I got out. Then I came upstairs and I fell asleep. My phone started going crazy and I woke up.. made a couple phone calls and then went and got my husband. 


All I wanted to do was snuggle up tight with him and let his warm body warm me up.. by this point, I was back to being cold. See.. its sounds like the flu huh? I don't feel sick though.. 

And Scott sure didn't worry about it either. 

We snuggled up and watched Homeland together. You see those sweats? They are new.. and they are the softest ever. I am totally in love with them. I think I could seriously wear them 24 hours a day. 

Tomorrow is already here. I have to be up early to get Jackson to school.. I am going to hate getting out of my bed in the morning.. and I am going to hate not being with Scott. I miss him. The drive he is making is way too long. We are going to have to move closer. I am thinking summer time when the kids are here so they can all help pack. IDK.. I just want more time with him. 

Anyway, I had a pretty good weekend all in all. I wish I would have felt better but it was nice having everyone together. 

Have a great Monday


K Jaggers

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