Up wayyyy too LATE!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This post has to be fast because its almost 230am here and I have to drag my ass out of bed at 630am to get Jackson ready for his big field trip. I already made his lunch, got his clothes out, got his breakfast ready, and when I get up I just have to supervise. Then by around 715 I should be back to sleep and I plan on sleeping in as long as I want. Seriously.. I could be in bed all day long and I am going to enjoy it! 

I had a busy day around here. I guess many of you could tell that by the way I didn't blog that much. Its funny.. so many of you have got use to me blogging OFTEN and when I don't you assume something is wrong! First off.. you guys know by now that I am a open book and if something was wrong.. I would share it but some days I am just busy! 

I got up and it wasn't long before I was mailing a box of ornaments to my swap partner.. 

Our Post Office closes for an 1.5 hour lunch break..but I forgot and had to stand around for about 15 minutes waiting on it to open.. Frustrating!! 

Finally it opened.. 

 and I got my package mailed! I sure hope she likes the ornaments I picked out! I already got hers and I will be doing a post soon to show you what she sent me! Swaps are so much fun!

I came home.. cleaned up the house some and then started hanging the Christmas lights. 

I was rather proud of myself. It was like 73 here today so perfect weather to get outside. Jackson was pretty impressed too! Scott has been working so much that I didn't want to make him do it when hes so tired. 

I'll get a picture tomorrow night in the dark! 

I also baked cupcakes today too! 

 stay tuned for a full review on these little guys! 

Its these Betty Crocker.. 

Hot Chocolate Cup Cakes.. 

And look how they turned out! 

I made a lot more than what was on the cake platter but I broke my other platter so I just put them on a tray and covered them up! 

For dinner, I opted for an easy big pot of 

Potato Soup. 

Brandon and I ate first.. 


Jackson was hungry till later and husby never ate. Dinner was really good.. Brandon and I both loved it and after Jackson got hungry he loved it too! That bacon does wonders for a bowl of potato soup! 

Scott came home really tired and he had a beer.. took a shower and a few minutes later he was sound asleep in bed. I can't wait till Friday when he is off work! 

Anyway, tomorrow I am taking Brandon to buy a computer. He has waited a while and is super ready to get one. I am excited for him! The store didn't have the one he wanted in stock so they are having it brought over and will call when its there for us to pick up. I am sure I won't see him for a few days because he will be so hooked on getting it all set up. He just better get his ass up in time for work in the mornings! 

I am going to try to get my freebies video done soon and I am also going to try to get my November Favorites video up by the weekend. Sorry for running late but there has been lots going on around here that has kept me plenty busy. 

Time for bed. My alarm clock will be going off before I know it. 

Have a great Tuesday! 

K Jaggers

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