Tired.. Just Tired..

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Its been a super long day. My legs and feet are killing me.. I am finally relaxing and done for the night. I did get a late start today and I paid for that with working well into the night. 

None of us could get motivated... well Cooper was motivated to play! 

I did a massive amount of laundry today. Tons and tons of towels.. 

Ohh.. check out the cute table cloth I got for the kitchen table.. 

It looks great with the red chairs! 

I also got the dining room done but forgot to take a picture. I will try to get that up tomorrow sometime. The majority of my afternoon was spent cleaning and organizing. Scott got home about 7.. changed his clothes.. and we took off to go shopping. We had tons to buy.. and this was mainly stuff for Christmas Dinner and Brunch. 

Since I had a very detailed list.. we were able to get done in about an hour. 

We also got a carpet cleaner.. 

We got it all loaded up.. 

and headed home.. 

I really couldn't do a video haul - Scott was cleaning carpets =) ) 

But I did take some pictures.. 

I was really efficient with it too. 

Golf fish food =), Corn, olive oil

Cheese cake and olive oil. 

Candy for the coffee table.. 

Chips, dip, peanuts and some more little cheeses for the cheese platter..

Lots of green beans. Lots.. 

Items for the 7 layer salad.. cake mix, instant potatoes, butter. 

Mac n Cheese.. I don't mind the Walmart brand..because you really do save money at Walmart. 

Sausage for the Casserole. 

Gingerbread for my sister.. 

Cake mix for the mini cakes. 

Instant mashed potatoes for the potato soup

Another item for the Cheese tray. 

Lots of bacon.. some for the 7 layer salad and some for the potato soup

Lots of carrots for the carrot Soufflé

Apples for the French Toast Bake 

Red onion for the 7 layer salad

Parmesan Cheese for the 7 layer salad.. and Bananas. 

Dinner rolls and Bread for the French Toast Bake

More eggnog

2 kinds of milk 

Yummy coffee

While I was putting up all this stuff, I was frying some cheese burgers. 

which were actually pretty good. 

I then got started with the 7 layer salad.. 

Layer by layer

Then I got busy making some special cup cakes for my sister..

And some mini cakes. 

Look how cute the cupcakes turned out.. 

Scott cleaned carpets like a mad man. He still has some to do tomorrow. 

While I have been writing this post.. my mom called..there was a problem with her tickets and they are now driving up. Its 3am right now.. 2am her time and they are getting on the road in the next few minutes. We still have to pick my sister up tomorrow afternoon but mom won't get in till tomorrow night. Its crazy how things can change at the last minute. I was going to get up and make the soup before I left for the airport but now I have decided to just make it after we get back. I am also going to pick up a Ham being mom is driving. I forgot a couple of things anyway. 

The house is looking pretty good. Still a few things to do tomorrow before we leave and also when we get home but right now sleep sounds really good. 

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers
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