Tired from Christmas Shopping..

Friday, December 14, 2012

OMG.. it has seriously been one of the longest days ever. I mean.. we left at noon... took off to the big city to do some shopping...We didn't get back until 5pm and then Scott took all of us out to dinner around 7. It was a good day! I have a ton of pictures from today that I will share with you tomorrow or in a weekend in review post but I will show you one of my early Christmas gifts. 

Scott got me that new Nikon camera that I wanted!! All night long I have been testing it out and learning to use it. I got it early so I can use it on Christmas and I wanted to get to know and understand the settings really well before. Its got an amazing zoom on it and its really light for a Nikon. It was a hard decision. I kept looking. There was 2 others that I was really interested in.. One was a waterproof, shock proof, dust proof, and crack proof and for me that's an amazing because I am really hard on cameras.. But the screen was pretty small and it was only 14 megapixels. Then there was another one.. the new camera that Ashton Kutcher is promoting right now. It was a toss up for me and I decided on this one. I am going to take a ton of pictures and video over the next couple of days to make sure this is the one I want. Good thing is.. I have time to exchange it if I want to. 

It was a very looooong day of shopping. I am happy to say we got about 1/2 of our Christmas shopping done. We will finish it up over the next couple of weeks. By time Scott and I hit Walmart on our way home, we both were exhausted. Seriously exhausted. It was a good day though. It was even nicer that I didn't have to get in the kitchen and cook. 

So I can't do a blog post without talking about the Connecticut School Shooting that happened today. I couldn't believe it. I never had to worry about shit like that happening when I was little. There is a new shooting weekly anymore.. I feel so bad for their families. I don't understand it... it seriously angers me and I am praying for that entire community. It sure makes me hug 

Jackson tighter tonight. I don't think I would live through loosing one of my kids. I can't imagine what those families are dealing with. It breaks my ♥ . 

Well.. I am going to rest up.. talk to you guys tomorrow. 


K Jaggers
2 comments on "Tired from Christmas Shopping.. "
  1. Love the camera! The school shooting is by far the most tragic thing I've witnessed to date :(

  2. Thanks.. so far, I love it.. And yes.. the school shooting is pretty tragic. IDK what is happening but it makes me want to keep my kids at home and I for sure hug them a little tighter now. =(


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