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Thursday, December 20, 2012
Every week Jen over at Something Clever 2.0 gives us all a new topic to write about and then link up. In case you are wanting to join up you can find it posted on the Theme Thursday Page. I do a lot of Thursday link ups but I thought this sounded fun so I am going to start participating! This weeks theme is.. 

Reality Shows

First off.. I think my family could strike it rich if we could get picked up for a reality show. Seriously.. my husband could carry the show all on his own! 

He is the most funny crazy man ever. I think it would work.. I really do. However, I might like it some of the time but I also like my privacy in my home too. I can be out in the world through this blog.. or when I actually do go out.. but letting people in my home would be a test for me. However.. if I could get past that we would be set!  However, TLC hasn't called yet.. and lets face it.. Could I compete with Honey Boo Boo? Omg.. Don't get me started on that show. I honestly don't understand why anyone watches that shit.. I think its wrong on all kinds of levels. 

I can't think of many reality shows that I watch.. Is American Idol a reality show? What about Peoples Court and Judge Judy.. If those are considered reality shows then yes.. I am hooked! I also watch cooking shows often but I don't know what is considered reality anymore. I use to watch The Kardashians but that old for me pretty fast. I use to like Survivor YEARS AGO.. and yes.. I think it would be amazing to be on a island trying a bunch of new things.. but anymore the reality shows seem to be so stupid. I have enjoyed a couple episodes of Coco and Ice.. which is actually pretty funny! I am just not a reality tv girl. I honestly think my life is pretty interesting of its own.. and watching drama just for the fun of it doesn't seem like fun to me. 

My husband wears suits to work every day.. yet he watches crap like.. 


Duck Dynasty.. why he loves this show is beyond me..

 Also rolling through his list of shows on the DVR he has 

Gold Rush.. Storage Wars.. again.. not my thing.

He also has Amish Mafia.. which is freaking funny but a total disrespect to their culture and way of life. 

He also has

moonshiners recorded too. 

Seriously.. I don't know what the attraction is for him with these shows because they are nothing like our life.. Maybe that's it.. because my husband is not the manual labor kind of guy. 

We use to watch 

but as all reality shows.. they start off pretty real and then as seasons go by they become more scripted with less reality so I rarely watch this. 

BUT.. I think the biggest reality show that I have personally loved over the years is 

I seriously watched all the shows and really felt like I was a part of their family. I loved it.. and I was so disappointed when it went off. BUT.. there is a new show.. CMT has officially ordered 10 episodes of of the unscripted "DOG," set to focus on Dog and Beth Chapman’s "journey into the American heartland" as they work to aid other bail bondsmen and bounty hunters in their day-to-day struggles to catch fugitives.


Its suppose to air on CMT in the summer of 2013.. they are currently filming and I can promise you I will be watching. I don't know what the hell A&E was thinking but I am super happy that they will be back on. I think I love the loyalty of the family more than anything else. They seem like any other family who lives and works together. 

I guess I do watch a little more reality shows than I realized when I started this post! =)

Hope you are having a great Thursday! 

Link up! 

K Jaggers

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  1. The court shows totally count--at least I hope so since that's what I wrote my post about! But I forgot about Dog...I didn't watch it from the beginning but got hooked when they started running old episodes early mornings!

  2. OMG! My husband watches all the same shows!! Add Pawn Stars in there and maybe some auction hunters (or whatever the YEP! guy is on and thats a perfect match! I used to watch DOG too. Too funny. Thanks for posting!



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