The Truth..

Monday, December 10, 2012

Raising kids is no easy job. Questions come up daily that I am just not sure how to answer. Just the other day Jackson and I had one of the most important conversations that we ever had. 

Jackson - Mom, I know that Santa isn't real -. 

Me - Oh yea.. how do you know that?
Jackson - First off, a big fat man can't fit down the fireplace, plus there are never any reindeer tracks. - 
Me - Well Santa lives on in spirit. 

Jackson so hes not real right?

Me - He was real.
Jackson - but he doesn't deliver our gifts every year does he?

Me( at this point, I could have kept up the lie or told the truth..) I picked the truth - this time. - No.. your family and friends gets the gifts and brings them to you. 

Jackson- I knew it. 

Me- But the Santa spirit does live on. 
Jackson - so who gets the cookies that we sit out?

Me - What? 
 Jackson who has been eating the cookies? I have always put out the best cookies for Santa and they are always ate. Who is eating them?

Jackson- Does Brittany know the truth about Santa?? Is she the one getting the cookies?

Me I was pretty shook up at this time.. and I told him his dad usually eats the cookies. 

Jackson - Why did you lie to me so much about Santa?

Me- I thought it was what I was suppose to do. 

Jackson - Your suppose to tell the truth. 

Me-Please don't go around telling other kids about Santa. 
Jackson  It would be better than their parents lying to them. But I won't mom. Just quit lying to me. 

You know.. I really never thought the Santa talk was going to be so serious. Jackson was more upset that I lied to him more than where his gifts came from. I guess 10 years old was long enough to fool him. Now hopefully he understands the spirit of Christmas. I never really had the issue of Santa growing up. I saw my grandparents putting my toys together at night..many times so it was never a big question for me. However, we have done what many other parents have done.. lied to the kids. Why do we lie about Santa? Or even the tooth fairy or Easter Bunny?? Coming from my 10 little boy.. its a lie.. plain and simple. And I felt awful having this conversation with him. I am not sure what the right answer is but maybe its time we start to rethink the generations of lies we have learned to tell. Sure its cute to make a 2 year old think Santa is real but its nothing short of a lie. So around here we are going to embrace the Santa Spirit and stop making the kids believe that he is fitting down the chimney.. and eating the cookies. Jackson seemed more upset about the cookies being ate. And I bet he never sits out the best cookies for Santa anymore! Ha! Oh Gosh, I feel like a complete failure at times. I seriously thought telling the Santa story all these years was the right thing to do and Jackson just schooled his mom on telling lies. Not the happy ending I was hoping for! 

Do you tell your kids the truth about Santa? 

K Jaggers