Thankful Thursday!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

You know, I see a lot of bloggers stopping Thankful Thursday because its December and its holiday time. I don't really get that because this is the time of year when we should all be thankful. So I am going to keep it going on my little blog.

Today I am grateful for many things. I am grateful for this beautiful life I have. For the longest time I tried to fight my way through it. I'm serious.. I was in horrible relationships.. having problem after problem and I never thought that life would turn out this good. Not every day is great but I have a husband I am totally in love with.. kids that I am so proud of.. a mom that is there for me no matter what and a sister that makes me giggle on a regular basis. The life I am living now is so much better than the life I had dreamed up for myself.

Seriously.. . I am a very blessed woman.



There are those certain people in my life that have not been so easy to deal with but thankfully I learned very quickly that I didn't want to end up the same way they were. So I learned from their lessons too and for that I am also grateful. Because they have forced me to look into the eye of hate and evil and I have became stronger in myself and have learned that I can't control anyone but myself. And during those times of being faced with the worst kind of person.. I have learned that I don't want to be like them and it makes me work even harder at my own life. And its funny but I am grateful for all the lessons that have came from those experiences. They have made me a better person.

So on this cold Thursday... Every moment..every lesson.. I am grateful for.

Happy Thursday!
K Jaggers

2 comments on "Thankful Thursday!!"
  1. A good husband and gifts... Blessed gifts from GOD!

  2. Amen! The theme of my blog is continual gratitude-there is always a reason to praise the Lord. I am so glad I found you at Grace Alone.
    Christmas blessings to you and yours.
    Peace and good.


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