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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas is in the air...can you feel it? I sure can.. it was a pretty ordinary day around here. I worked around the house some and also ran some errands. 

I got 2 boxes delivered 

to the post office. 


Then I ran to CVS to pick up some things I was getting close to being out of.. 

I got so many great deals on this haul.. it was crazy. When I showed the receipt to Scott he couldn't believe it. Crazy Cheap.. you can see the deals I am talking about in This Post. A few days ago I did have some extra care bucks that I just had to spend when I saw the new Physicians Formula Organic Wear Fake Out Mascara. I love the original line of this mascara 

and I couldn't resist. I am testing it out now and will have a review up in a couple weeks. My list for reviews is super long and after Christmas they are going to start popping up a lot more. 

The evening hours were spent working on laundry ( as always ) taking adorable pictures of the kitty cats.. 

and decorating for Christmas. 


I have so much to do to get ready that I have to get a move on it. Tomorrow I have a bunch of things to do. I did fall back to sleep for a few hours today and that didn't help at all. I didn't fall asleep till after 4am and I got up about 715. So I had to go back to sleep after taking Jackson to school. The police officer was right out front again this morning but today he was holding a cup of coffee.I wasn't sure how I felt about that but I was glad he was there. My daughter has police at her school too and they are there all day long. Its hard but we must work harder to protect the schools. That's the one place where children should feel safe. 

The evening hours came along pretty fast for me. I worked online for a while trying to catch up on some of the late posts while I had a little time to myself. Scott was extremely tired.. ohhh let me tell you about last night. My husband wakes up all hours of the night and heads to the shower.. EVERY TIME. Well at 3:47am he left the bathroom door open and had 3 different fire alarms going off waking the entire house. He would get it stopped and then it would start off again. I could have ringed his neck!! Anyway.. he was tired and didn't want a big dinner so I didn't cook at all. Brandon got himself something on his way home from work.. Jackson had a frozen sausage, egg and biscuit with a big glass of chocolate milk.. I didn't eat.. until about 1030pm when I had to run out for a burger.  

I sat there forever and waited.. because I got chicken instead.. 7 minutes to cook a chicken sandwich.. 

but the wait was worth it because they gave me a free flurry for having to wait.. which I gave to husby. 

It was worth the wait.. 

I'm serious.. nothing beats Mickey D's when you need a late cheap meal. 

I have been scoring big with the freebies and deals going on. Check out the Couponing Section so you can get the deals too. It sure helps out during the holidays. 

The rest of the night has been spent on even more computer work. 

Its hard to not get behind when it comes to the blog, emails, twitter, facebook.. when times are busy. I am doing my best to keep up with answering the emails, comments and tweets but I hope you understand that right now.. its hard to do right away. I do sit aside time..even if its every other day or once a week at the least to reply back. Thank you guys for all your kind comments and emails. I do read them right away and if its something really important, of course I would answer right away. 

Also Christmas Cards have been sent out. I will get a picture up tomorrow of the card I picked out. It's pretty cute! 

Anyway.. tomorrow is a day that I will be cleaning a lot...seriously a lot and I have a little shopping to do but right now I can't remember what I had to go to the store for. Perfect. I am trying so hard to get everything stored in my phone so all my lists are with me no matter if I have my day planner or not. Its not a easy switch for me but I am really making an effort even though I sure in the hell didn't record what I needed from earlier today. 

I have a very busy week from this point on. Tomorrow and Thursday its the big cleaning.. then Friday, Scott and I are finishing all the last minute Christmas shopping. Saturday is the BIG CLEANING AND WRAPPING DAY and then Sunday we get up and go get my mom and Don.. Laci too from the airport. Monday.. Scott's sister and her husband will be here so I will be blogging as I can. I suspect I will still be blogging each day but once everyone gets here.. its going to be more about them than blogging. But I will for sure blog in the late night after everyone gets to bed. I am working on some posts ahead of time that will go live over Christmas too. Seriously busy times all of us. I hope even with the tragic events of Connecticut we can all take some time to ourselves to try to focus on the good that we still have. And like I said, we are having a snowflake station where everyone who is here can make snowflakes to send in to help make their new school a winter wonderland. Its something small that we can do to contribute and I will for sure take pictures along the way to show you what we come up with. You can click  here to check out my full posts of ways you can help. 

Well Gabby has already went to bed.. 

Gosh.. look at her little paws.. 

Too cute! 

I hope you have a beautiful Wednesday

K Jaggers
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