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Sunday, December 9, 2012
Happy Sunday! I hope you all are enjoying your day. We are taking things pretty slow around the house but its ok...we like slow starting days! 

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days. I have been so tired. I slept a lot yesterday. I did do some running around, but then I came home and fell asleep on the couch waiting for Scott to get home. I hate the long Saturdays without him. 


I do have a weekend review post coming up. I am also working on some beauty reviews and November favorites ( sorry I am running so late with it! ) I am basically running behind with everything on here. Later today I will have the ornaments I got in the ornament swap I participated in. Super fun and just yesterday I got my Secret Santa gives bought for my swap partner in London. I need to get it mailed out on Monday. Super exciting! I am done with swaps until the New Year. So much going on.. I am afraid I will forget.. and that would make me feel awful. =( So I am taking a break and going to focus on getting things done for Christmas around here. I need to plan the menu.. get the bedding situation figured out, get the house cleaned up, buy all the gifts and get them wrapped.. and enjoy Christmas with my family. Lots to do! 


Today I have a roast to put in the oven for dinner, do some laundry, pick up a couple groceries, run by CVS for Jackson, and try to work around the house and I also need some desk time. Lets just hope that I have enough energy to get it all done. I think the boys are going to go find something to do..which is good because Jackson misses Scott being he's working so much. 

Well.. time for some a refill of coffee and maybe a little stretching  I have been doing some yoga and it kinda feels good. Nothing too hard.. its mainly stretching and it feels good on my body. I have a post coming up soon of what I have been doing. Believe me the minute it starts feeling like a work out, I'll stop. Baby Steps! 

Hope you have a great Sunday! 

I will be back when I can. 


K Jaggers

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