Sunday = House full of L♥ve!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well Brittany and Art got in safe and sound. I won't lie it was hard getting myself out of the bed this morning. It was cold.. but I got up and got myself together and before I knew it.. a sleepy little girl walked in... but didn't take her long to get goofy! =)

Jackson and Art got busy outside working on Jackson's Bow. 

while Brittany had a little Christmas inside.. I had shipped her big gifts but she still had a few to open from both us and mom.. 

She got her pair of Uggs. 

They are pretty darn cute! 

These are from mom! 

She had a good time.. 

I parent from afar with Brittany. Shes with her dad during the school year at this point.. and I pay for her to have a smart phone. She actually has the Samsung Galaxy 2 so she is always twittering, facebooking, instagraming, video chatting, skyping, you name it.. she busy with it. So while she was opening all those gifts I took her phone.. synced it to my computer and copied everything.. and then I took her sd card out and put that in the computer too.. Now I just have to go through it all!! If I pay for the phone.. I take it as often as I can for check ups. I don't think we can ever be too safe when it comes to our kids. I won't lie.. she didn't like it either! She told me that's her private phone. HA! Private.. hell no!! She's a good girl but I just want to check up on her! 

 She is growing up so fast on me! 

Jackson was so happy she was here! 

She is the dominating one out of the two! 

 I cant believe that Art and Jackson were out in the cold today. I don't really think Jackson really liked it but he was happy his dad was here.. so he stayed out there for a while. 

Willow was wondering who that stranger is out there! 

Brittany called Carly as soon as she walked in.. and it wasn't long before she was here.. 

They are too freaking cute! 

The boys came in.. told you it was cold!! 

 And Cooper got in on the action too! 

I got Brittany those glasses. As much as I had to pay for them.. they better not get broke! 

My poor husband isn't feeling good today.

In fact, he's in bed now. 

It didn't take long before Brittany scooped up Romeo..calling him " her " kitty!! 


Everyone who comes in this house cuddles with this cat.. I mean, hes a big teddy bear! 

After a few hours, I kissed both kids and they loaded up.. 

and hit the road. 

This is a special kind of trip for them. My ex husband has never took this kind of vacation with the kids. He taking them to a hotel for 3 days at a indoor water park.. and for New Years Eve there are all kinds of activities going on for kids at the hotel. So it should be a lot of fun! I set him up with what I thought he would need.. including my really nice beach towels.. and lots of baggies for phones and things.. snacks.. I hope they have a great time! 

I think this day was important for many reasons.. 

* I got to see my precious little girl .. who said in front of her dad today that she's probably moving in with me for next year . I was SHOCKED... Leaving her friends is the hardest for my social butterfly! * 

* Jackson got to see his sister .. who he misses dearly. * 

* Scott got loves from Miss Brittany.. who wishes she would call him more! * 

* Both kids got to be in an environment where the people who mean the most to them could get along. * 

* Scott and Art watched football for a while together.. which is good. * 

* At this point.. there is nothing to fight over. We both love the kids and want the best for them.. so with that understanding we do just fine. * 

* I think it was best for Jackson. He did a great job handing both of us. I thought he might not listen to me when his dad got here.. but he was awesome. He is the sweetest little boy ( most of the time! ) .* 

I hope the 3 of them have an Amazing time!!!!!

I am going to take the rest of the day and hang out relax!!!

K Jaggers

3 comments on "Sunday = House full of L♥ve! "
  1. Sounds like your visit was a very successful one. YAY! Couldn't be more happy for you. Enjoy relaxing and having some time for you and hubby.

    PS- Love that you check up on your girl's cell phone. I think it should be mandatory for all parents to check up on their child's cell phone at least once a month.

  2. @ Stephanie.. Yes it went well! But I feel a empty feeling in my stomach with no kids in the house.. BUT going to try to enjoy it and take it easy. I don't know what I am going to do all day tomorrow with no Jackson or Brittany! And about that phone.. you can just never be too sure.. so I do it as often as I can. She might not like it.. but too bad!

  3. @ Stephanie.. Oh I forgot to mention that there is a crazy woman impersonating me on blogger. So if you get a comment that sounds mean with links.. please delete it! She is using my picture too but if I leave a comment it says Kisha Jaggers not just Kisha! Sorry!!


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